Late-Night Host Attacks College Student For Standing Up To The Trans Movement

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Low-life Jimmy Kimmel recently used his monologue to mock a college student at Mike Pence’s University of Alabama speech who asked a question expressing her fear that Democrats were redefining what it meant to be a woman. Kimmel made light of her valid concern, suggesting she was overreacting and that the University should reconsider their admissions standards.

Kimmel’s behavior speaks to a larger problem in our culture today: the woke movement’s attempt to conflate gender with feelings and opinions. Kimmel’s comments show a lack of understanding about the importance of gender identity and the implications of redefining it to fit a political agenda.

Kimmel’s comments also point to a larger problem when it comes to our society’s attitude towards women. Women are often dismissed when they express their fears or opinions, and this is especially true in the case of politics.

The student was expressing a legitimate concern about the redefinition of womanhood and how it could affect her safety and security. Yet, Kimmel chose to mock her instead of taking her seriously.

What’s even more concerning is that this isn’t an isolated incident. This kind of dismissal of women’s concerns has become increasingly common in our society, and it’s a dangerous trend. We need to start taking women’s concerns seriously and listening to their voices.

It’s time for us to stop mocking women like the student at the University of Alabama and start listening to what they have to say. I think in this day and age it’s so hard for students to express their true feelings without the fear of being attacked or labeled a bigot.

We need to recognize the importance of gender identity and how redefining it could have a dangerous impact on women. We also need to recognize that the redefinition of womanhood is a profound issue that deserves to be taken seriously. We need to stop dismissing women’s voices and start listening to them. Only then can we ensure that women’s rights and safety are protected.




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