Las Vegas Parents Lock In Legal Battle With Woke School System

Parents in Las Vegas are outraged after their teenage daughter was assigned a “pornographic” monologue by her teacher. Candra and Terrell Evans have filed a lawsuit against the Clark County School District, claiming that their 15-year-old daughter was given an explicit, obscene and sexually violent assignment.

The parents allege that the educators of the district took part in “unlawful grooming and abuse of a minor” involving “pornographic material.”

The assignment reportedly included lines such as, “I don’t love you…It’s just that I don’t like dick or any dick in that case. I’m a fucking lesbian…and I’m tired of pretending that it is.”

The couple has accused school officials of defending the content and blaming their daughter for reading it. They are now demanding justice for what they call an inappropriate and abusive incident.

Las Vegas Parents File Suit After Teen Is Forced to Memorize “Explicit” Monologue

Candra and Terrell Evans have taken legal action against Clark County School District (CCSD) after their 15-year-old daughter was given a shocking assignment to memorize and recite an allegedly “explicit” monologue.

The couple alleges that the district took part in the unlawful grooming of minors with pornographic material, including lines such as: “I don’t love you…It’s just that I don’t like dick or any dick in that case.”

The couple claims school officials defended the content before placing blame on their daughter for reading it aloud. Now, they’re seeking justice following what they describe as an inappropriate incident of abuse towards young people within CCSD schools.

DailyCaller obtained a copy of the court filings and my God, are they insane?

Following the May school board meeting, the school district announced it was investigating the incident, but it is unclear if the investigation concluded, according to Fox 5.

“The Clark County School District is investigating the circumstances surrounding a class assignment consisting of a student-generated writing exercise that produced content not conducive to student instruction,” the school said in a statement to Fox 5. “The District does not comment on individual employee or personnel issues, and all policies and procedures are being followed.”