Kevin McCarthy Takes A Victory Lap Around Biden, Passed Debt Ceiling Bill Without WH

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, “You should thank every Republican who voted for this bill because they went out and fought hard.”

The debt limit bill is a major victory for Republicans, as it cuts back on a number of initiatives from the Biden administration, as well as reduces the growth of government spending by capping it at 1% per year for the next 10 years.

It also saves taxpayers money by clawing back unspent COVID funds, as well as instituting work requirements to help Americans get jobs and rebuild the nation’s supply chain. Additionally, the bill cuts red tape to enable more infrastructure projects, as well as reduces IRS agents by 87,000.

The bill passed the House of Representatives by a narrow margin of 217-215, with four Republicans, Reps. Matt Gaetz of Florida, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Ken Buck of Colorado, and Andy Biggs of Arizona, voting against it.

Despite this, McCarthy remains optimistic, saying, “What this bill is is it’s limit, save, grow. You want to limit the ability of government to grow so fast like it did with the Democrats going forward, so we capped the growth at 1% each year for the next ten. We save money by being smart.”

McCarthy has called on all Republican members of Congress to stand firm against any attempts by Democrats to pare back the savings in the bill, and to remember the importance of this victory for the party.

As he said, “What we do is that money, billions of dollars sitting out there that COVID never spent, just sitting there, we claw that back so the American taxpayer can save the money.

We put in work requirements to help people get jobs to move forward, help our supply chain and get our country moving again.”

It is clear that the passage of the debt limit bill is a major victory for the Republican party, and one that should be celebrated.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of every Republican who voted for the bill, the country is now able to limit the growth of government spending, save taxpayers money, and help get the nation back on track.




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