Ken Buck Claims He Voted Tom Emmer for House Speaker Because He Doesn’t Like Him, Wants Him to Have a Horrible Job

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Representative Ken Buck, a Republican from Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, recently appeared on CNN to explain why he chose to vote for Tom Emmer as Speaker of the House.

In the interview with Dana Bash, Buck candidly admitted that his decision was not based on policy or ideology but rather personal animosity toward Emmer.

Dana Bash: He did not vote for Congressman Jim Jordan, instead voting for Tom Emmer. Well, I guess my first question is, do you really want Tom Emmer to be Speaker?

Ken Buck: No, I don’t. I don’t like Tom Emmer. I figured this would be the worst job in America. Mike Rowe would not want to do this for his TV show.

Dana Bash: Okay, so just to underscore that you voted for somebody because you don’t like them.

Ken Buck: I voted for somebody because I wasn’t going to vote for Jim.


Residents of Colorado’s 4th Congressional District should be deeply troubled by Ken Buck’s admission.

It serves as a stark reminder that the next time he is up for re-election, they must ask themselves if they can trust a representative who displays such cynicism and pettiness.

Republican voters must remain vigilant and demand representatives with principled views who comprehend the gravity of their decisions and treat their duties with due respect.

By playing games with something as important as voting for the Speaker of the House, it raises questions about what else he may be willing to compromise on.

The integrity of both the Republican Party and nation are at stake.

Ken Buck was one of the RINOs who voted against Jim Jordan for House Speaker.

  1. Rep. Don Bacon was the first to cast a vote for McCarthy.
  2. Rep. Ken Buck voted for Emmer.
  3. Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer voted for McCarthy.
  4. Rep. Anthony D’Esposito voted for Zeldin.
  5. Rep. Mario Díaz-Balart voted for Scalise.
  6. Rep. Jake Ellzey voted for Garcia.
  7. Rep. Andrew Garbarino was the second to vote for Zeldin.
  8. Rep. Carlos Giménez voted for McCarthy.
  9. Rep. Tony Gonzales voted for Scalise.
  10. Rep. Kay Granger voted for Scalise.
  11. Rep. John James voted for Cole.
  12. Rep. Mike Kelly voted for Scalise.
  13. Rep. Jennifer Kiggans voted for McCarthy.
  14. Rep. Nick LaLota voted for Zeldin
  15. Rep. Doug LaMalfa voted for McCarthy.
  16. Rep. Michael Lawler voted for McCarthy.
  17. Rep. John Rutherford voted for Scalise.
  18. Rep. Michael Simpson voted for Scalise.
  19. Rep. Victoria Spartz voted for Massie.
  20. Rep. Steve Womack voted for Scalise.

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