Kellyanne Conway killed it on Real Time with Bill Maher. She slammed the misuse of funds and the lack of protection that school children receive pointing out the hypocrisy of how politicians want armed guards to protect our money but not our kids. She then was able to get Maher to admit that the J6 hearings only exist to prevent Trump from running again.

“Should he be able to run again for president?” Maher asked.

“That’s what this is about,” Conway said Friday night. “At least you admit it. At least you said the quiet part out loud: that these investigations are about preventing [Trump] from ever running again.”

Maher and guest Josh Barro suggested the hearings may be a precursor to criminal prosecution by the Justice Department.

“But only if he believes that he lost,” Conway stated, insisting that the former president did believe he won in 2020 despite advisers saying he lost.

During the show’s “Overtime” segment, the 2016 Trump campaign manager and senior counselor to the former president reiterated that the Jan. 6 hearings are representative of a courtroom.

“We were talking about Jan. 6, and I wanted to gently remind everybody: It’s not a courtroom. It’s a hearing,” Conway said. “They didn’t even have the guts, I think I said balls, to subpoena [Trump], and they never do.”

She added that regardless of what comes of the Jan. 6 committee’s efforts, the GOP nominee will be someone that runs on an “America First” agenda.


Conway owned this show. The entire clip is less than 14 minutes long so if you have the time, you can watch it below:

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So, Trump has not announced if he’s going to run and can you blame him? Based on voter energy alone, Democrats are out to bury him. I think that once this hearing his over, we’ll know for sure if he’s running or not. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Erica Carlin

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Steve Hartman

I can’t help but wonder how Trump would have been received by our country if there had never been a Russia hoax. I mean, if Trump had never had to defend himself from false claims on a daily basis while President, how far could our country have gone? I chose Trump because, in my heart, I knew that Hillary was crooked. I detested his tweets, but I also understand that it was one of the few ways he could reach Americans on his own terms instead of via the main stream media, who seems to twist everything. And finally, I have been either involved directly in, or been watching elections since 1983. I know(!) there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. Can I prove it? NO! But just because I can’t prove it does mean it didn’t happen, and certainly clamoring by democrats and the MSM that voter fraud claims were fraudulent, when I see stacks of ballots on a taxi driver’s dashboard, reaffirm my position! I would vote for Trump again, but, I think he will pass the torch. I also think he will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents ever. And yes, I was stunned by what he was able to accomplish in 4 short years.


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I read and hear all the time about his mean tweets. Can you give me a couple of examples that made you say you hated them?


You cant beat facts. Trump achieved more in 4 years than any other president in 2 terms, imagine how much he could have done if it was not for the constant hoaxes from the swamp
And yes lets be honest, not just hoaxes but sabotage from Rinos in his own party who are all about themselves

Last edited 11 days ago by Ben
Jessica Evans

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Last edited 10 days ago by Jessica Evans

Billy-boy must be getting desperate, or his rating are tanking, by my count, Kellyanne would be the first conservative on his show since BEFORE Trump was elected.
Still hate you for being an anti-Trumper moron, Maher.



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