IT’S HAPPENING: Trump Begins Deporting Criminal Illegal Aliens STARTING NOW- WATCH

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Illegals KNOW how to abuse the system. They have been doing it for decades. All while we continue to grow more and more lenient, even diminishing the term ‘illegal alien’ under Obama because we didn’t want to offend these criminals.

Get real.

This is Trump’s America now.

Libs are having a panic attack over the mere fact that he is is keeping his promise to deport illegal aliens who have been convicted committing crimes.

Well, he finally got the ball rolling! The first official deportation took place on Thursday.

VIA| According to Freedom Daily: The first deportation took place on Thursday. The illegal alien criminal who was deported is one Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos. Rayos has been in the country illegally for over 20 years, had two anchor babies in that time, and in 2008 was arrested for using a fake Social Security number. Rayos used the fake Social Security number to obtain employment at the Golfland Sunsplash amusement park in Mesa, Arizona, an action which robbed an American citizen of a job. Rayos was convicted of felony identity theft.

Since her arrest in 2008, part of Rayos’ punishment for committing a felony was to check in with immigration officials every year. In 2013 Rayos received a removal order by an immigration court, but under Obama’s administration, she was allowed to stay in the country.

We’ll, all that changed once the people elected Trump, the national hero, as president. The era of lawlessness is over. The era of law & order is here.

When Rayos went in for her yearly check-in on Wednesday, she was detained and deported back to Mexico shortly after. Of course, this brought out the screaming, whining, liberal snowflakes who don’t believe our laws should apply to illegal aliens whose first action once in the country is to commit felony identity theft & steal an American’s job.

At least 7 mentally deranged protesters were arrested as they attempted to keep the ICE van that was carrying Rayos from leaving the immigration office in Phoenix.

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