Karine Jean Pierre Struggles To Convey Confidence Concerning Joe Biden’s Mental Gaffes

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Questions regarding President Joe Biden’s age and cognitive ability have been raised more often in light of his numerous gaffes and inaccurate remarks.

Article Updated 10/7/23:

According to the Daily Mail, after a week full of major mistakes and blunders with racial elements, people are starting to question Joe Biden’s mental clarity and his potential to do a good job in a second term as President.

It appears that the White House has no intention of addressing questions and concerns about the president’s recent behaviors, as they have either dismissed them or made excuses for him. Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the American people.

Mixed up LL Cool J’s name, referred to rapper as “boy”

On Saturday night, President Biden made a mistake when addressing the Congressional Black Caucus, referring to the legendary rapper by a racially-charged term and mixing up his name, as reported by BET.

At the CBC’s annual Phoenix Awards event, both Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris gave speeches. LL Cool J and MC Lyte were presented with lifetime achievement awards in recognition of their noteworthy contributions to hip-hop music from the early 1990s.

The president actually made several gaffes right off the bat in his speech while making introductions and giving thanks that were capped off by his fumbling of the rapper’s name and use of a term that is considered racially derogatory when used by a white person to address a black male.

“And two of the great artists of our time, representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip-hop in America: LL J — Cool J — uhh — by the way, that boy has got — he’s got — I think that man has got biceps bigger than my thighs,” Biden said to some laughter from the audience. “I think he’s been — and MC Lyte. Both of you, thank you.”

Biden’s blunderous week of gaffes

Last week, President Biden made multiple blunders, starting with an apparent snub of an offered handshake from the Brazilian president at the United Nations and nearly knocking over the Brazilian flag while stumbling around on stage. He also mistakenly praised the Congressional Black Caucus when addressing members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus at that group’s annual gala event, according to The Daily Mail.

This week, Biden repeated the same story about his decision to run for 2020 President nearly word for word at a fundraiser event in New York City. Furthermore, he falsely claimed that he had visited the sites of “every mass shooting” while advocating for gun control.

WH spox won’t address age and mental health concerns

Fox News reported that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about the public’s growing concern about President Biden’s age and mental health on Monday but dodged that query and changed the subject to try and tout Biden’s supposed accomplishments.

During Monday’s press briefing, a reporter referenced a recent NBC News poll which found, among other things, that Biden had a low 37% approval rating for his handling of the economy, had a record-high overall disapproval rating of 56%, and that 74% of voters “have major or moderate concerns about the President’s age and mental fitness,” and asked, “How troubling is that?”

In response, Jean-Pierre mentioned his support for Biden’s backing of striking union auto workers before commending the president’s “Bidenomics” plan as successful and criticizing his Republican adversaries.

As to the reporter’s actual question about the “troubling” poll results, the press secretary dismissively said, “So, I get — I get the — I get the polling that you’re laying out. I get that. But we — we can’t — we can’t be focused on that. We also have to be focused on really speaking directly to the American people. The next three days, you’re going to see the President go to three states to do just that.”





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