Kamala Harris’ NBC Poll Numbers Worst For A VP In History Of Poll

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The poll numbers are in and they don’t look good for Vice President Kamala Harris. According to the NBC News poll, her net approval rating among Americans is the worst in history with a 17% difference between those who approve of her job performance and those who disapprove.

Only 32% said they approved of her job while 49% disapproved. This is an incredibly damning indictment on her tenure as vice president so far and shows that she’s having a hard time connecting with Americans.

The other vice presidents weren’t much better off but were still miles ahead of Harris. Former VP Dick Cheney had a net positive 23% rating, Al Gore had a net positive 15%, Joe Biden himself had a net positive 1%, and Mike Pence had a negative 4%. Harris’ negative 17% puts her at the bottom of the list for public opinion when it comes to America’s last four VPs.

It’s no surprise then that only 43% of people view Harris as qualified to take up presidential duties should the occasion arise according to another August poll, while more than half said that she was not qualified.

Her first term has been marred by accusations of incompetence, unpreparedness, embarrassing repetitions in speeches, high turnover from staff quitting their posts, and constant criticism from both sides of the aisle which have all brought down public opinion about her work ethic and attitude towards service.

The White House has launched campaigns to rehabilitate her image by touting accomplishments such as passing COVID relief bills but this doesn’t seem to be enough for many voters who remain unconvinced about Harris’ qualifications for office or ability to empathize with everyday citizens around America.

The co-hosts of “The View” leapt into action when some Democrats joined in criticizing Harris claiming racism and sexism were motivating them instead – further evidence that there’s a divide within Democratic circles regarding how best to handle this situation.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients told Axios that Americans were expressing “enthusiasm and energy” about what the vice president is doing in office but these poll numbers show otherwise – enthusiasm does not translate into approval ratings when it comes down it.

It looks like we can expect more efforts from the White House to try and raise public opinion about Kamala Harris before November rolls around but whether or not these will help remains uncertain at best considering the low approval ratings she currently holds among American voters right now.




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