Kamala Harris Giddy Over The Prospect Of Adding Caramelized Onions To Her Snack

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WARNING: Watching the video below may cause your brain to hurt.

Vice President Kamala Harris was out and about in Washington DC on Friday, promoting a Biden-backed economic agenda dubbed ‘Bidenomics.’ During her visit, she stopped by a cheese shop to pick up some refreshments.

One of the men behind the counter suggested that Harris pair the Fromage blanc cheese she had chosen with caramelized onions. The man explained that while the cheese was similar in texture to cream cheese, it could also be paired with fresh strawberries and other fruits. To this suggestion, Harris responded excitedly: “Oh! That would be nice! Oh, I like that! That would be very nice! Quite decadent, and very nice!”

The recommendation of having caramelized onions with cream cheese seemed to impress Vice President Kamala Harris as she expressed her approval of the suggestion. While this may appear trivial to some, it is moments such as these which illustrate how stupid this person, a heartbeat away from running the country, really is.

The Daily Caller has the play-by-play:

While waiting for her cheese order to be finished, one of the men behind the counter explained the cheese she had picked out, Fromage blanc, was similar in texture to cream cheese and suggested it would taste good with caramelized onions.

“It’s actually a Fromage blanc, but it comes across like cream cheese,” the man told Harris, adding you could put “fresh strawberries” and “fresh fruit” on it.

Harris questioned what savory foods he would recommend to go with the cheese.

“What if it was savory?” she asked, questioning if he recommended lox of salmon.

“Something savory?” he asked.

“Not lox right? Not like the smoked …. yeah …smoked meat?” Harris asked him.

The guy then suggested to her that “maybe some caramelized onions” would work well before telling her to “give it a go.”

If you can’t feel your IQ dropping while reading this, you can just watch it unfold on video below:




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