Judge Merchan Has Delayed Trump’s Sentencing In Manhattan ‘Hush Money’ Case

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In the ongoing legal battle of People v. Trump, a significant development has occurred as President Trump’s defense team filed a pre-motion letter on July 1, 2024.

This letter aimed to set aside the verdict in light of a recent Supreme Court decision and was addressed to Judge Juan Merchan of the New York State Supreme Court.


Following this filing, President Trump’s sentencing scheduled for July 11th has been postponed in response to the request by his legal team.

A new sentencing date has not yet been determined, but it is anticipated that it could potentially be rescheduled for the final week of July.

The defense team based their motion on a Supreme Court decision dated July 1, 2024, in the case of Trump v. United States, with the citation 2024 WL 3237603.

They have sought an extension until July 10, 2024, to submit a memorandum of law supporting their motion.

While they expressed no objection to adjourning the previously set sentencing date of July 11, 2024, they emphasized that their request for additional time implicitly indicates a desire to postpone the sentencing hearing until a resolution is reached on their motion.

It is noteworthy that the District Attorney’s office did not contest the defense’s request for leave to file the motion or their implied request for an adjournment of sentencing.

However, they did ask the court to establish a deadline of July 24, 2024, for them to file and serve their response to the defense’s motion.

Consequently, it is highly likely that the previously scheduled July 11th sentencing date will be vacated pending further proceedings as both sides gear up for continued legal battles within the courtroom.

This latest turn in People v. Trump underscores how this high-profile case continues to evolve with each new development.

It signifies an ongoing legal tug-of-war between both parties as they navigate through complex legal procedures and prepare for what promises to be further intense courtroom confrontations.






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