Judge Engoron Under Scrutiny for Posting Half-Naked Photos of Himself to High School Alumni Newsletter

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Research group Marco Polo has revealed a shocking twist in the life of Judge Arthur Engoron, presiding over the Trump sham trial in New York City: He’s been posting half-naked photos of himself on the Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter, which he oversees.

Engoron is an alumni from 1967 and curates the newsletter for former students to stay connected with memories, news, and obituaries—seemingly now including his own risqué images.

The 51st edition of the newsletter featured a variety of alumni-related content, from heartfelt memorials to lighthearted class reunion announcements.

However, this issue also included an unexpected addition: “BonusTorsoPhoto,” a peculiar image of a malnourished torso, presumed to be that of Judge Engoron.

This unconventional editorial choice has sparked debate over the appropriateness of such content in a school alumni newsletter.

In Issue #63 of the newsletter, a before-and-after pictorial of the same torso was presented in an attempt to show physical improvements over time.

However, instead of demonstrating impressive muscle gains as intended, these images raised questions about the judge’s decision.

Source: Wheatley Alumni Association Newsletter
Source: Marco Polo
Source: Collin RuggJesse Watters of Fox News devoted a segment to the peculiar disclosure, harshly criticizing Judge Engoron and referring to him as “Judge Nudie” in comparison to the well-known “Judge Judy.” He expressed disbelief that someone in such an esteemed position would deem it appropriate to share personal photographs on a professional platform. Watters questioned the judge’s trustworthiness and competence.“The man’s a joke,” Watters said, suggesting that someone with such a penchant for frivolity should not wield the power to make monumental decisions affecting the former President’s business ventures.https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1722282350011088924?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Judge Engoron gave a lecture to college students in 2015, where he spoke about his use of emotions when making decisions on a case. He explained that he will sometimes use ‘judgment notwithstanding the verdict’ to overturn verdicts based on his feelings.

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