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Jude Jeanine Destroys Hillary, Obama, Stein And Harry Reid All In One Epic Speech, You’ll Never Forget This


Judge Jeanine hits it out of the park with this epic speech against these idiots trying to destroy our country. The Judge isn’t known for sugarcoating anything, so be warned! What she has to say to these four is not going to be nice…

VIA| Judge Jeanine Pirro is back at it again. She made an amazingly powerful opening segment on Fox News where she called out Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid and Jill Stein for fighting against the will of the people and admitting that Trump will be the next president.

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    December 12, 2016 at 5:28 pm

    Well said judge we all are tired of all this BS. We are so sick of all this corruption by the DNC, HC, BHO and the rest. Those people are creating so much anxiety, division, hate and are trying to destabilize this country, attempting to undermine democracy.

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