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Joy Reid Wages War On ‘White Christians’ And Joe Rogan

MSNBC’s resident psycho, Joy Reid is practically waging a war on ‘White Christans’ and Joe Rogan. In her latest rant, she ripped into both regarding vaccine mandates. Reid’s fight with Rogan has more to do with his interview with Dr. Malone than his stance on vaccine mandates but she’s fooling herself if she thinks only white Christians are against mandates.

In fact, the Cuban-style forced mandates have cost Biden a huge chunk of his base supporters of color. But this is MSNBC, where facts mean nothing and reality is irrelevant. Joy attacked “white, so-called Christian conservatives” in her searing talk, referring to the group as “special citizens.”

“I don’t want to wear a mask, and if you try to make me, I’ll attack the low-waged clerks at the store or at the Burger King. And I don’t wanna to get vaccinated either. People get sick from me? Oh well, not my problem. Joe Rogan said it was fine,” Reid said.

“My kids aren’t going to mask up to protect those other kids. F those other kids; their parents are probably commies anyway,” she added.

Rogan also recently hosted Dr. Robert Malone after the doctor was banned from Twitter over his statements related to COVID-19. Dr. Malone made a connection between all of the fear-based media reports and the government’s desire to control the population.

Dr. Malone explained to Rogan’s listeners that the Nazis used fear, prior to WWII, to drive, otherwise, decent German citizens into bloodthirsty madness. He warned listeners that we are seeing some of those old practices now with the pandemic.


Since Dr. Malone’s appearances on Rogan’s show, the podcaster has become liberal enemy number one, while the media and big tech rush to silence the spread of his interview. YouTube recently banned the interview on their platform but none of their efforts have work and the interview continues to get shared. [In fact, you can watch it HERE]

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