Jordan Poyer Forced To Cancel Charity Event Because It Was Held At Trump’s Doral

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The left has been known to express their opinions and beliefs without a second thought, but oftentimes, it is at the expense of others. Jordan Poyer, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, holds a golf tournament each year to help raise money for charity.

Unfortunately, this year’s fundraiser was shut down when some sponsors and golfers withdrew from the event at the last minute due to it being held at Trump National Doral in Miami.

Taking to Instagram, Poyer said that “a few sponsors and golfers” withdrew from the event at the last minute, and it was because he was planning on holding the tourney at Trump National Doral in Miami.

“I regret to inform you that my annual Golf Charity Event in South Florida, originally scheduled for July 10th at the Blue Monster at Trump National in Doral, has been rescheduled for next year,” captioned Poyer on a video post. “Unfortunately, the location of the event led to a few sponsors and golfers withdrawing at the last minute due to external pressures.”

Poyer put a spotlight on how his views don’t mix well with corporations, which consistently pump out left-wing think.

“They decided they didn’t want to take part in my tournament in which they took part in last year because of where it’s at, at Trump National Doral in South Florida,” said Poyer, according to The Buffalo News. “ECMC decided they can no longer take the pressure from up top, from the people above them and it probably has nothing to do with ECMC at all.”

The organization looks to give “underserved” individuals an opportunity at education according to the official website of ECMC Foundation; however, due to “external pressures” they felt they could no longer be associated with Poyer or his tournament.

This kind of behavior by those on the left is not only unjustified but inexcusable. How can anyone claim that they are trying to help those in need while simultaneously taking away an opportunity from them?

It doesn’t make sense. Those who have withdrawn from Poyer’s tournament may say that they are taking a stand against Trump which is one thing, but what about all of the people who would have benefited from this wonderful cause? What about them?

It is time we focus on what matters most rather than letting our political differences dictate every single decision we make as individuals or as corporations. We must take into consideration those around us who may not share our same ideologies yet still deserve respect nonetheless; we cannot allow hate and prejudice get in the way of providing aid and assistance where it’s needed most.




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