Jon Voight Made A Major Prediction For 2024 During Exclusive With Trump

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Actor Jon Voight recently interviewed Donald Trump on Newsmax Sunday. During the interview Voight made a major prediction for 2024—Trump will run again. The former president did not confirm the actor’s prediction but instead smiled as the two discussed the current plot to take him down.

Voight said that people are always asking if Trump will run again. The actor says he responds saying, “He certainly will run, but we can’t wait too long.”

The interview, which aired on Newsmax on Sunday evening, was interspersed throughout a special hosted by Voight telling the story of Israel. Under Trump’s presidency, the Abraham Accords, in which Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates moved to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel with the facilitation of the United States, were established. Trump was also responsible for the establishment of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Trump told Voight he’s “always had a good relationship with people of the Jewish faith” and maintains a “great respect” for them.

“We love Israel, and we hope everything is going to be OK,” he continued, acknowledging some of the country’s current challenges.

Discussing the United States, the actor said to Trump, “I believe that there’s going to be a turnaround.” Trump questioned him, asking, “Is that hope? Or is that from your instinct?”

“If some very big things don’t happen very quickly, there can’t be a turnaround,” the former president claimed.

Trump has remained active on the political scene after leaving office, continuing to issue statements and endorse candidates across the country. He has held several rallies in various states supporting candidates ahead of primary battles and is set to hold more ahead of the November midterm elections.

Watch The Full Interview Below:

On Friday, Trump will speak to a crowd in North Carolina, followed by another in Michigan on Oct. 1. The former president has yet to make any announcement about his candidacy in 2024.

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