Joe Rogan’s New Video Champions Freedom Over Fear, This Will Make You Proud

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Podcast star, Joe Rogan has been in the press a lot lately for his outspoken stance against forced vaccines and tyranny. This week, Rogan released a video on his Instagram which he created to help motivate the battered patriots in this weird new world.

In Rogan’s video, he warned his fans about the dangers of giving up their freedoms.

“As soon as you give politicians power, any kind of power that didn’t exist previously, if they can figure out a way to force you into carrying something that lets you enter businesses or lets you do this or let businesses open, historically, they are not going to give that power up, they find new reasons to use it,” Rogan said. “We have to protect those freedoms at all costs, whether you agree with people’s choices or not, because it is the foundation that this country was founded on, freedom.”

“This idea of freedom, there’s so many people that think it’s frivolous, it’s not important, it’s not the main thing that we should be focused on. But it is the literal structure that allows this country to be so f***ing amazing,” he continued. “Every single country that’s ever existed, other than the United States, up until 1776, every f***ing country that has ever existed, was run by dictators, all of them. This is the first experiment in self government that actually worked, and he created the greatest superpower the world’s ever known. It created the greatest cultural machine, the greatest machine of art and creativity and innovation, right f***ing here.”

“And how did it do that? It did it through freedom,” Rogan continued. “And as soon as you see something, anything that comes along and inhibits your freedom, you should be very cautious about that, you should be very suspicious. Because anything that comes along that can inhibit your freedom is by definition, anti-American.”



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As of press time, Rogan’s post of ‘FREEDOM’ currently has nearly 5 million views, while the video creator, Samuel Rivera Films, has more than 1 million views. That’s over 6 million views for a short 1:44 video. Maybe, just maybe Americans are fed up with weak leadership and government overreach inhibiting our freedom more every day. As Rogan posted, freedom is “the most important thing we have. It’s what makes this place special. It’s rare and it’s fragile. Protect it at all costs.”

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