Joe Rogan Defends Senator Ted Cruz Over Family Cancun Trip During Texas Storm

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The Woke Supremacy climate change lunatics have been giving Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) a hard time because he took his daughters to Cancun during the power outages in Texas due to the winter storms hitting the Lone Star state that caused wind power turbines to freeze and knock Texans’ power out.  Of course, at first, the Fake News media and Democrats tried to cover up the fact that it was the wind turbines that caused the biggest problem with the power outages trying to claim it was fossil fuels instead even though we have reports that gas utilization went up over 400% and that it was the turbines freezing that caused the power outages.   Seriously, it was like Hunter Biden’s laptop story or the one about the Democrats stealing the 2020 election, you never saw the Woke media mob attack a story so quickly like we did when it was reported that the wind turbines in Texas froze and led to power outages in the state.

Okay, so Cruz took his daughters to a warmer climate because he had the means and he wanted them to feel safe and have some fun on a mini-vacation while Texas dealt with yet another calamity brought to you by watermelon politicians who are green on the outside and socialist red on the inside.  And the Left pounced on Cruz, who later said it was a bad decision because of the optics, and the hysteria that ensued made it seem like the senator from Texas was the one who caused the power outages singlehandedly.

Members of the Senate were scheduled to be home last week and with school being canceled because of snow, Cruz figured it was a good time to take his family for a short getaway that his daughters asked to take.

Joe Rogan, who has the most popular podcast in America called the “Joe Rogan Experience” defended Senator Cruz against the bashing he took on social media and elsewhere over his family trip to Cancun.

So the optics did look bad in a world filled with leftist hate where there’s a troll lurking around every nook and cranny of the Internet just waiting for something to happen so that they can prove to the world that the Republicans are evil people.  And the Democrats jumped on this story acting like Cruz was somehow neglecting the people of his state by not suffering along with them in their time of need.  Even though there was absolutely nothing the senator could do to restore people’s power or to make the climate warmer, it didn’t matter.

We even have the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) showing the world what a lunatic he is by tweeting out that Texas state policies caused the winter storm crisis by “Ignoring warnings, lying about the climate crisis, refusing to act on it are exactly what’s exacerbating extreme weather”

This moron who is now the leader of the US Senate thinks states can create policies that will change the climate.  Think about how colossally stupid Schumer’s remarks are.   And the media treats him like he’s a genius.

Rogan last year moved to Texas and this is how he responded to the insane controversy going on in Texas about Senator Cruz with stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor Tim Dillon.

Rogan: “Here’s the thing: What can he do? What is the reason for him staying?”

Dillon: “I think it’s just the optics of how it looks.”

Rogan: “Can he make it warm out?”  Joking, he followed up, “Maybe he should be there with blankets and put them over the pipes.”

Dillon: “It’s funny. It’s the people that hate him the most are the ones like, ‘He should be there!’ And it’s like, ‘Doing what?!'”

Rogan also cited the time that Cruz criticized Austin Democrat Mayor Steve Adler who traveled to Cabo San Lucas, a different Mexican vacation destination, last December after he told Austin residents that they had to stay at home because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic while he was in Mexico, but we’re not as dumb as the Austin American-Statesmen that tried to make that connection because Cruz never told anyone to stay home while already in Cabo San Lucas.

The watermelons are getting worse.  They now believe a single senator could stop freezing temperatures and that a US senator has the authority to do anything inside a state.  This ignorance permeates much of the Leftward Land of Silliness and we have to live with these people.




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