JK Rowling Is A LEGEND, Watch Her Blast Trans Activist In An Epic Twitter Battle

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J.K. Rowling woke libs the virtual finger after one Twitter user questioned her legacy. Rowling blasted the user and it was well worth reading all the replies.

It all began when Rowling saw a stupid tweet from the U.K. Labour Party that claimed “Labour will lift women up, not hold them back. Because we are the party of equality.” Rowling wasn’t having it, and she replied, “This morning you told the British public you literally can’t define what a woman is. What’s the plan, lift up random objects until you find one that rattles?”

A snarky Twitter user wrote: “You really want your legacy to die on this hill, @jk_rowling ?”

Rowling clapped back like the goddess that she is, “Yes, sweetheart. I’m staying right here on this hill, defending the right of women and girls to talk about themselves, their bodies and their lives in any way they damn well please. You worry about your legacy, I’ll worry about mine[.]”

Can you guess what happened? Twitter user exploded and for once, it was the truth not some water-downed polite crap where everyone is too afraid to ‘offend’:

One User wrote: “Guess she won’t be dying on that hill alone. Apart from the few very loud “activists” out there, it seems the majority of the worlds population will be dying next to her on the same hill.”

Another added: “This hill is a hill of truth and reality. If those who stand against women’s protection in order to supposedly speak for people like me then they are shouting up at a mountain, unloveable and impenetrable.”

A particularly fired-up user wrote: “There’s less than 100 years since women won the right to vote in most countries and the fight for that was the most courageous thing in recent history. It followed a fight for them to have a separate category in sports so they can compete, now a battle to have equal pay.” Adding, “And now JKR is in the first row of a fight for the very identity of women. Maybe the most important of all. I think her legacy is fine.”

There were so many that I just had to choose a few to show you, but please go read the thread, HERE. For once, in all of this ‘turf’ BULL, the feminists stepped in slapped down the sexist woke ideologies of the left. One wrote “She is our sister no need to worry about her legacy. We will be always here for her because she was here for us. We are women and we are feminists. Our power and strength is as eternal as the hatred we endure. (She is extremely talented and a huge success anyway)”

I think women are starting to find their voices again. Let’s see how long it takes before the left tries to tear them down.

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