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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Fact Checked After Unfunny Joke Falls Flat

The liberal media has become increasingly desperate in their efforts to discredit leaders who don’t tow the leftist ideology line, even those that are Democrats running for president.

This was evidenced by Jimmy Kimmel’s recent attack on Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

On Sunday, Kennedy posted a Twitter message stressing the importance of prioritizing physical health and cited the significant weight gain Americans experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Americans gained an average of 29 pounds during the Covid lockdowns,” he tweeted.

“I will help turn this around by encouraging our citizens to exercise, eat well, and fortify their immune systems by removing harmful chemicals from our food.”

In response, Kimmel misrepresented what Kennedy said and mocked him: “[W]ow! we each gained 29 lbs? that almost sounds like nonsense! (there’s a good possibility this guy is Borat).”

Unfortunately for Kimmel, his attempt to dunk on Kennedy fell flat as he was soon fact-checked by Twitter who noted the American Psychological Association’s study which found that many Americans reported gaining weight during the pandemic.

That’s because the association found that 42% of Americans reported gaining “undesired” weight during the pandemic. Important to this story, the average weight gain of those who reported “undesired” weight was, that’s right, 29 pounds. Twitter added a fact-check to Kimmel’s tweet noting the APA’s study.

It is clear from these findings that Kennedy never asserted each and every American gained 29 pounds; rather he simply restated what the APA found about American weight gain.

It goes without saying that in order for America to remain a healthy nation its citizens must prioritize their health through exercise, diet and self-discipline – something which RFK Jr highlighted in his tweet while also calling out presidential candidates to address this issue head-on.

Sadly however it seems many members of the liberal media would prefer to see such important conversations ignored or ridiculed rather than taken seriously – something conservatives should take note of when engaging with left-wing outlets.

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