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Jesse Watters Slams Kamala’s Woke-Washed Military Expansion Trip

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Fox News host Jesse Watters says Kamala Harris’ gender equity and climate talk in a trip to the Philippines was a “cover” for the Biden administration’s actual mission on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” Watters slammed Democrats for using woke topics like gender dysphoria to deflect from the fact that they’re trying to expand the military.

JESSE WATTERS: A few thousand miles away our vice president is shaking things up in the Philippines. Kamala Harris went to Asia this week to talk about gender equity and climate change and of course, any time Kamala goes overseas, she likes to share some of her philosophy with the locals.

What does the “joyful warrior” got to do? Well, we found out what her real mission was, and it wasn’t global warming, women’s rights or any of that. That was cover. Her trip had nothing to do with solar panels or gender equity. Kamala’s real mission was American military expansion.

Biden is building bases in the Philippines right by the South China Sea. He’s building three military bases and wants to build at least five more and the White House is trying to mask this raw power projection as a women’s rights retreat. Now America is on a collision course with China, but the Democrats are afraid of their base. Their base believes American power is bad. So, the administration sends Kamala to woke-wash the whole trip.”


Democrats have perfected the art of using the woke left’s agendas to mask their real intentions. Just look at Biden’s bill for ‘climate control’ or was it the ‘infrastructure bill’? Whatever they want to call it, this administration has used the woke liberals to push insane open-spending projects that simply pour more money into their hands.

One day the ‘woke’ are going to have to wake up and realize what they’ve signed off on.

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