Democrats Sharpen Their Efforts to Impeach President Trump With Rep. Jerry Nadler

WIth Representative Jerry Nadler to assume the rank on the House Judiciary Committee, Democrats have shown their true intent.  They are poising themselves in an attempt to impeach the president.

Nadler won a landslide victory over Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Ca.).  The representative from New York will replace the since-retired John Conyers.

Jerry Nadler has exchanged political blows with President Trump before.  He is a constitutional law expert.  His opponent, Lofgren, was simply an immigration lawmaker.  Essentially, they are declaring war on the president.  However, they’re far from admitting it.

Back in the 1980s, Nadler was an assemblyman in New York.  He fought with then-developer Donald Trump over efforts to build up the Upper West Side.

Nadler was also one of the sore loser Democrats that refused to attend Trump’s inauguration.  He said the president was not legitimate.  After FBI director James Comey was fired, Nadler also declared a case for obstruction by Trump.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talked to The Washington Post:

There is nobody better prepared, if the president messes around with the Constitution, to handle it than Jerry Nadler.

If the Democrats win the House majority in the next race, Representative Nadler is in a good spot.  It’s obvious that he’ll fight tooth and nail to try to oust President Trump.

As Representative Joe Crowley said to The Post:

He’s at the right place at the right time and when we need him most.

Nadler made a statement after his victory:

Our efforts to hold the administration and those wishing to turn back history’s long arc towards justice accountable are central to the defense of progress and democracy.
We must fight to protect the rule of law, strengthen our safety and security from enemies foreign and domestic, shield Americans’ rights and liberties from encroachment, and guarantee that all people, no matter their age, race, gender, religion, ability, finances, nationality, or sexual orientation, are treated fairly and equally.
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