Watch: Jennings Blasted This CRT Disinformation Activist Law Maker

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a stand against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and has been met with strong criticism from some on the left. On CNN’s Friday night show, CNN Tonight, Scott Jennings and former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner had a heated debate about the issue. Jennings was able to calmly and understandably explain why DeSantis’ decision is the right one and why it should be supported.

After Jennings spoke about Florida’s laws requiring the teaching of African-American history, Turner accused him of wanting to take away people’s speech. Jennings responded by saying that African-American history was not only taught, but had been expanded since DeSantis took office. Turner then tried to argue that it was only being taught in the way DeSantis wanted it to be. Jennings then pointed out that Florida was giving students a good education on African-American history.

Jennings also made sure to mention the More in Common study that showed that Republicans were not hostile to a balanced teaching of American history, as some on the left would have you believe. Jennings showed that he had done his research on the matter, and was able to effectively explain why DeSantis’ decision is the right one.

Critical Race Theory is dangerous and divisive. It is a form of racism that seeks to divide people by race and class, and it has no place in education. Critical Race Theory teaches that racism is built into the very structure of our society and that members of certain races should be viewed differently than others. This is completely antithetical to the American ideal of equality before the law.


DeSantis’ decision should be applauded, and more states should take a stand against it. We need to ensure that our children are receiving a fair and balanced education, free from any form of racism. The goal of education should be to help shape our children into responsible citizens, not to indoctrinate them with a divisive ideology. We should all be thankful that Governor DeSantis has taken a stand against Critical Race Theory and is protecting our children from it.




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