Jenna Ellis Pushes Back After Don Jr. And Laura Loomer Get Aggressive

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Jenna Ellis, formerly one of Donald Trump’s attorneys and co-defendants in the criminal case brought against him in Fulton County, Georgia, has seemingly switched sides as she recently posted messages on her X account criticizing the former President and his son Donald Trump Jr.

Responsive to a post from Laura Loomer – a supporter of Trump – Ellis chose to go on the offensive.

Ellis Tweeted:

Don Jr’s pick for press secretary is claiming I am a “disloyal harlot” and “going to hell.”

No mention though of Jr’s divorce, his girlfriend’s divorce from Gavin Newsom, or The Best Christian Ever screwing a porn star while his third wife was pregnant.

Apparently true Christianity is not based on belief in Christ as Lord, but rather belief in Donald Trump as Savior, King, and next President! Repent and trust the 27-D chess, guys… personnel picks WILL be better this time!

In this post, Ellis is referring to Donald Trump Jr.’s divorce from Vanessa Pergolizzi and his subsequent relationship with Kimberly Guilfoyle, who was previously married to California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

Apparently she was alluding to the allegation of a sexual encounter between former President Trump and Stormy Daniels – an accusation which Trump has strongly denied.

Following this comment, Ellis continued to criticize Trump and those who support him in her further posts, stating that “MAGA doesn’t care about the truth” and they will try to “bully” anyone who disagrees with them.

Ellis has firmly aligned herself with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) 2024 presidential campaign, thus opposing President Trump’s campaign.

Additionally, she has accepted a plea deal in the Fulton County case that requires her to cooperate with the prosecution against Trump. So far, the Trumps have chosen to ignore Ellis; however, it is uncertain if this silence will continue given Trump’s track record.

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