Jean-Pierre Pressed On Why Biden Is Holding WH Movie Night Amid Real Crisis

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Biden is facing a number of major issues right now: illegal immigration, the debt ceiling, and the mass shooting in Allen, Texas.

However, instead of handling these issues, the president is opting to participate in leisurely activities like meal voucher programs, movie nights, and Memorial Day weekend travel plans.

White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich recently asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why Biden was focusing on these activities instead of the issues at hand.

Jean-Pierre responded that Biden can do multiple things at once and that the meal voucher program was “incredibly important to American families across the country.”

Heinrich pushed back, saying that the meal voucher program was three weeks away and that Biden wasn’t addressing any of the current issues in question.

Jean-Pierre redirected the conversation to how Republicans are “refusing to use the process” to work with the administration in raising the debt ceiling.

But the truth is, President Biden and the Democrats are trying to distract the public from the issues at hand. Instead of addressing the current immigration crisis, they are pushing for programs that are far in the future and won’t help anyone right now.

It’s also concerning that Biden is focusing on leisurely activities like movie nights and travel plans while the country is in crisis.

This shows a lack of leadership and a disconnect from the American people. We need a president who is willing to tackle the issues head-on and make sure they are addressed in a timely manner.

Biden and the Democrats need to stop playing political games and start taking action. We need to see real solutions to the immigration crisis, the debt ceiling, and the mass shooting in Allen.

Sadly, I think we all know that this administration doesn’t intend to do anything for the border and refuses to acknowledge the mental health crisis in the country. Instead, I’m sure what we’ll get it more gun control propaganda.




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