Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre already sucks at her job. On Thursday she was caught bragging about Biden’s qualification in terms of handling gun reform. The line of questioning followed the horrific school shooting in Texas. New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear objected when Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden had decades of experience fighting against gun violence and it all spiraled from there…

“You talk a lot about outrage, you talk a lot about — that he wants Congress to act, you talk a lot about the emotion. I was in this room, I think a lot of the other people — the people here were too when President Obama cried at that very podium hours after the Newtown shootings,” Shear began, asking why Biden was not simply dropping everything and vowing to do whatever it took to get something done.

“There are people out there, I saw several of them on TV today, who say this president needs to do more than all of that,” Shear continued, saying that many would like to see Biden declare a national emergency and create task forces, among other things.

“He needs to say he’s not leaving this building, he’s – cancel his vacations, tell Congress, you know, members of Congress to get in a room and not leave until they got a solution,” he added. “And not accept the sort of half measures that you know are sort of being offered. So I guess the question is why isn’t he doing any of that?”
Jean-Pierre said that Biden had already declared gun violence to be a public health emergency, and then pivoted to tout his long record of work on the issue.

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“This is a president who has been working on gun violence, gun reform, comprehensive gun reform, since he was a senator, and he also was there as you’re talking about what President Biden I mean, President Obama had to deal with. He was there. He was his partner in that and took on that portfolio of dealing with gun violence, he was there at the table,” she said.

“But isn’t that more an indictment than it is a plus to say that the current president has been involved in this for more than, you know, more than — for decades, and it’s not being fixed. These things are happening over and over,” Shear pushed back.


Flat-out gun bands are NOT reform—Some of the most ‘unarmed’ cities in the US are the most violent. New York City and Chicago both have strict gun bans. Just take a look at how well that’s worked out for them. Law-abiding people won’t get their hands on those guns, but you know who does?


Donovan Newkirk

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Maurice Vachon

This 12 year old girl is such a clueless tool, and is a change from Lil Red Lyin Hood. Both suck



Jerry Isaacson

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Last edited 26 days ago by Jerry Isaacson

They sure train these idiots how to use all the talking points of the Socialists! “GUN VIOLENCE?” What IDIOT attributes MOTIVES to an INANIMATE OBJECT? Its HUMAN VIOLENCE people! And since WHEN has Government EVER solved a problem it CREATED? NEVER! (Ever hear of a Government agency closing down because it solved the problem it was created to SOLVE?)


I need to be DICTATOR of the USA for about 15 years, so all these programed kids can be educated by Hillsdale, and other REAL colleges, and the new batch of kids will get a REAL education after I eliminate ALL the SOCIALISTS from our system of education! (*Why is Bill Ayers still sucking O2?)

Fred G Sanford

Go get a banana or some Old English 800. Losers!

Worst Ever

Dumb dumb dumb dumb

Victor B Anderson

Glad they’re all incompetent with anti-2nd Amendment gun control unConstitutionalists, esp. at NYT !

Phil Featheringill

Oh, please Jean-Pierre, Biden has been in government for over 44 years and he has never solved an issue that hurts Americans. He’s a ridiculous disaster and his policies, whomever is making them, are destroying America. Jean-Pierre seems unable to lie with any degree of confidence. She’s a failure as is her boss , Bumbles Biden.



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