Daily Star| THE US naval fleet sent to deal with Kim Jong-un will be joined by Japanese warships as the ruthless leader faces annihilation.

North Korea has enemies surrounding its borders after causing global terror with its nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong-un has threatened to nuke many of his neighbors and the US as the dastardly dictator flexes his muscles.

In response, Donald Trump has sent its naval fleet to the Korean peninsula over fears of North Korea’s ICBM development.
And it has now been revealed that Japanese warships will be joining the Carl Vinson as Kim’s reign of terror faces collapse.A military source said: “Japan wants to dispatch several destroyers as the Carl Vinson enters the East China Sea.”The source added that he had direct knowledge of the military operation.
The Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force may conduct helicopter landings on each other’s ships, as well as communication drills as the US fleet passes through its waters.

The tubby tyrant has warned the US that it will nuke American heartland and its bases in the area if they see any signs of aggression.

North Korean propaganda media stated: “Our revolutionary strong army is keenly watching every move by enemy elements with our nuclear sight focused on the U.S invasionary bases not only in South Korea and the Pacific operation theatre but also in the U.S mainland.”

The hermit kingdom has already fired a Scud missile this month as part of a series of tests to ready their dreaded mid-range ICBM.Dastardly dictator Kim Jong-un has indicated their next test is coming soon, and could coincide with the 105th birthday of North Korea’s founding presidentChinese military has also vowed to launch missile strikes on Kim’s nuclear facilities if he crosses the “bottom line”.
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