James Wood Slams DOJ’s Political Retribution Against Former President Trump

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Hollywood star James Woods has recently spoken out against the stunning indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Woods posted to Twitter and expressed his outrage at Attorney General Merrick Garland’s and the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) actions, likening their efforts to those seen in a foreign dictatorship.

His words were echoed by legal scholar Alan Dershowitz who called it “the most dangerous indictment in political history”.

For years, many Republicans have been vocal about their opposition to the current Democratic administration’s tactics regarding investigations into Trump as president.

Woods’ comments are just another example that speaks volumes about this movement and its stance on what is happening within our government today.

Woods simply said, “Breaking: The President of Russia just had the opposition leader arrested after a seven-year campaign of harassment. Oh, wait…”

He was referring to the DOJ’s investigation into former president Donald Trump which began in 2017 when he was still in office and only now resulted in an indictment – something both Woods and Dershowitz believe should never have happened if it weren’t for partisan politics from the left wing Democrats.

Dershowitz wrote that this moment could be one signifying a massive change in norms throughout the United States when it comes to neutral rule of law enforcement, noting that it could set off a chain reaction leading toward other Republicans being targeted for similar charges when they regain power over criminal charging processes – something he calls “the weaponization of criminal justice system.

He further argued that if such an unprecedented case is indeed weak as it appears then any reasonable person would conclude that this is more about political retribution rather than upholding justice or protecting classified documents as stated by District Attorney Alvin Bragg from Manhattan.

Woods’ criticism comes at a time when many conservatives are rallying behind former president Donald Trump due to what they see as unfair treatment by Democrats during his tenure at the White House – especially with regards to investigations into him personally or politically motivated prosecutions such as this one which came less than two weeks before his successor Joe Biden took office earlier this year.

With so much uncertainty surrounding these events, all eyes will be on Tuesday when details about seven counts included within the sealed indictment become public knowledge – hopefully bringing clarity and resolution to what has been perceived as yet another example of partisan politics gone too far.




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