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James Comey Misled House and Senate on Russiagate With Lisa Page Talking Points

Newly released documents show that Lisa page provided James Comey with seven pages of talking points he should use in his morning meeting with the Senate and the afternoon meeting in the House. This information was studied by investigative Journalist, Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations. The following is taken from the article written by Sperry, outlining the intentional lies told to Congress, which led to Russiagate investigations in both houses of Congress.

According to Sperry, Comey lied about the substance of the information gathered by the FBI. Comey knew it was false when he met with the Senate and the House. A seven-page internal FBI memo dated March 8, 2017, was written by Page, who quit the FBI when she was accused of extreme bias against Trump as witnessed by her emails and texts to her married lover, Peter Strzok.

Perry points out that the talking points were filled with half-truths, outright falsehoods, and critical omissions. On the basis of Comey’s testimony, both the House and the Senate opened hearings on Russiagate. That led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as a Special Counsel, who spent $40 million dollars and countless man-hours just to come up empty. He then had the audacity to say that even though he could not find a shred of evidence does not mean Trump did not collude with Russia.

They described reports the FBI received in 2016 from a former confidential human source that Paul Manafort and Carter Page were colluding with Russia to rig the election.

From RCI

Quoting from the reports, Comey told congressional leaders that the unidentified informant told the FBI that Manafort “initially ‘managed’ the relationship between Russian government officials and the Trump campaign, using Carter Page as an intermediary.” He also told them that “Page was reported to have had ‘secret meetings’ in early July 2016 with a named individual in Russia’s presidential administration during which they discussed Russia’s release of damaging information on Hillary Clinton in exchange for alterations to the GOP platform regarding U.S. policy towards Ukraine.”

But previous FBI interviews with Carter Page and other key sources indicated that none of that was true – and the FBI knew it at the time of the congressional briefings.

The Lisa Page memo anticipated concerns about the quality of information Comey was relaying to Congress and suggested he preempt any concerns with another untruth. The memo advised Comey to tell lawmakers that “some” of the reporting “has been corroborated,” and to point out that the informant’s “reporting in this matter is derived primarily from a Russian-based source,” which made it sound more credible.

This is what Treason looks like.


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