It Looks Like Homeland Security Is Finally Starting To Crack

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It’s tough business speaking out against the Biden regime.  I think that’s why we seldomly see agencies taking that step to warn Americans of the dangers before they become crises under the administration. However, it looks like DHS (The Department of Homeland Security) has finally thrown down the gauntlet in a searing new report. The beef of the report explains that American needs to secure its borders now and to stop pandering to the ‘woke’ liberals over the optics:

The FreeBeacon first reported:

“In a November report that outlined initiatives for agencies such as Customs and Border Protection, DHS listed compliance with federal regulations as first among six “priorities.” The second was “diversity, equity, and inclusion”—above “customer experience” and “cybersecurity.” The department sent the report to staff members following a town hall-like meeting, during which agency heads emphasized to staff the importance of DEI efforts.

That ranking concerned at least one senior DHS official, who criticized leadership for focusing on left-wing political initiatives while the southern border “remains a shit show.”

“DEI is the new buzzword at DHS, and it’s a top focus at all component agencies,” the official said. “Too many officials are spending resources to impress Biden administration officials and political appointees with new initiatives and programs.”

As DHS rolls out these priorities, Border Patrol agents are processing an all-time high number of migrants attempting to enter the country. Fentanyl seizures by immigration authorities have also spiked over the last year, contributing to the more than 100,000 American deaths due to opioid overdoses in the last year. On top of that, DHS is facing a potential staffing crisis amid vaccine mandates for federal employees.

Despite those crises, President Joe Biden has advanced DEI programming.”

Meanwhile, the administration has worked to undermine security by sneaking illegals around the US on red-eye flights. Helping them settle in cities far away from the southern border. How does that make sense?




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