This ISIS POS OPENS FIRE On American Troops, IMMEDIATELY Finds Out President Trump Means BUSINESS!

This looks like something straight out of a movie!

Whoever the sniper behind the rifle that killed this a$$wipe is a badass. One ISIS fighter thought he could take on U.S. troops, but he was sadly mistaken. With ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis and Trump in charge now, there will be LITTLE these fools can get away with.

Better luck next time!

VIA| Warning – Item WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT – ISIS fighter SHOT DEAD by American Sniper DOES contain content that is not suitable for all ages. This IS a snuff video and the ISIS Fighter is shot dead in full camera view.

This video begins with an ISIS Fighter standing on a roof firing off a few rounds from a gun. He throws that one down then picks an even bigger one up and stands straight up and starts firing… then it happens. 1 direct hit to the frontal lobe. He was definitely done for. If you don’t have the stomach for it…. don’t WATCH.


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