ISIS Shoots At U.S. Helicopter, Quickly Finds Out That Was A REALLY REALLY Bad Idea -BOOM!!!

ISIS messed with the wrong country when they decided to go after a US helicopter.

Ala over the world, ISIS is demonstrating their terrorist behavior with acts of violence involving as many civilians as possible. However other countries seem incapable of acting against this terrorist organization. That’s not the case when you are talking about America.

Recently ISIS decided to open fire on a US helicopter and the responding action was epic.

Via Conservative Post:

This particular video has been watched over a million times and it was taken during the evening hours. It shows ISIS  shooting at a U.S. helicopter, and our military retaliated with BRUTAL force!

The response to ISIS’s attack is a stark reminder of all those who put their lives on the line to keep our country safe.

Watch Here: 

BOOM! Share this post if you are proud of the men and women serving to protect our country.

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