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ISIS Leaders Recruit Thousands Of Kids To Do Their Dirty Work


ISIS leaders demand that these children strap a bomb to themselves and blow up innocent people, all in the name of Allah. These kids should be enjoying life, not fighting for it. ISIS leaders are nothing but men hiding in a hole and sending children to fight because they are cowards. Shame on them.

Check it out:

VIA| In a really disgusting report, it appears that ISIS has special camps where they train child suicide bombers, in case you needed another reason to despise them.


More from Fox News:

An ISIS-trained teen said his sympathy for children led to his failed attempt to bomb an Iraqi soccer stadium over the summer.

“When I reached the target, I knew it was wrong. When I saw the young kids, I knew it was wrong immediately,” Mahmoud Ahmed, 15, tells Sky News in a story posted Sunday. “I returned back to [my trainer], but he said go straight back.”

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