Is Trump Really Considering A Run For House Speaker In 2022

Wayne Allen Root Raised the possibility this week and President Trump says the idea is interesting. Root says that Trump could run for the House in his Florida district and then run for Speaker of the House.

Although the idea sounds fantastic, Trump would not be assured of getting the Speakership. But, imagine Trump leading the Republicans on the impeachment of Joe Biden. What delicious irony that would be.

I would be hesitant about the plan because after being President being House Speaker is a step backward. Besides, would Trump be happy as one of 438 House members?

By not running President Trump has loads of time to give speeches and hold his famous rallies that really fire up the troops. That would seem more important to me at this time. Juggling the Speakership and a presidential campaign could be exhausting and that needs to be taken into consideration.

Root is not the first person to suggest this strategy. Steve Bannon made the exact point earlier including the part about impeaching Biden. Again, it has its good points but I am afraid it is outweighed by the bad.

Trump needs to help Republicans win the House and the Senate to set himself up with a friendly congress in 2024 when he returns to the Oval Office. He then needs to see that someone such as Jim Jordan becomes the Speaker. RINO Kevin McCarthy just won’t do.

But, Trump could do it if he wanted too but they are forgetting one thing. Trump does not have to win a House seat to become Speaker of the House provided he gets enough votes.

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The Republicans could vote him in as Speaker without it. You do not need to be an elected member of the House to become Speaker. At any rate, I don’t see Trump doing it.

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The plan would require several events to break in Trump’s favor. First, he’d have to find a House district in Florida where he could win the Republican primary (not difficult) and go on to victory in the general election (more difficult, depending on the district).

Then, Republicans would have to win control of the House and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) would need to be willing to step aside to make way for Trump as Speaker.

But a leading Republican like McCarthy putting aside his own ambitions to avoid crossing Trump wouldn’t exactly be surprising.

Trump’s impending decisions on his political future have frozen most of the Republican candidates who want to run for president in 2024 but do not want to challenge Trump in a primary. Since losing the White House to President Joe Biden, Trump has dropped several hints about his intention to run again but has made no firm commitments to doing so.

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Mark Gravitte

He should. Run all those demonic, soulless DemonRATS out of town on a rail. We can take their Socialist agenda and shove it up their asses. Those DemonRATS are poking and prodding a sleeping giant. May God have mercy on their souls, because I WILL NOT! You imbeciles have nearly destroyed America, and for what I must ask? Losers!


Don’t forget about the RINOS


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Bill Halcott

Anything President Trump does will have my support against lying thieving

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