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Is She Joking? MSNBC Strategists Lays Victory Plan For Dems, It’s Nuts

I watched this and thought “she can’t be serious” and I want to know what you think. Democrat strategist Adrienne Elrod was running her mouth on MSNBC about how Democrats can win in the upcoming elections. The Democrats are on a losing path, so long as the GOP and voters keep moving forward.

Elrod says she knows exactly how Democrats can turn this around and it’s a doozy. Are you sitting down?

She said that Democrats need to follow Biden’s lead. To stick with HIS economic plans.

Does she live in the same country like us? Planet? We’re teetering a recession under crippling inflation while Biden blows taxpayer’s hard-earned dough on other countries and non-US-citizens.

After calling the “insurrectionist” wing of the Republican Party the new Tea Party, Elrod proceeded to praise President Biden’s economic record, although a recent Fox News poll showed 77 percent of respondents rating the economy negatively, including 63 percent of Democrats.

“If you embrace the Biden agenda, it’s going to get you far,” she said.

“There’s a lot to run on here,” Elrod continued. “The economy’s doing well – I realize inflation is an issue the Biden administration is trying to address – but we have record job growth under this administration. We have, um, jobs that people actually want to be working in, that are high wage, income-earning jobs.”

“There’s a lot to be proud and there’s a lot to talk about. And that’s exactly what John Fetterman did and he excelled in the Democratic primary,” she added, mentioning the Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate who won his primary on Tuesday.

It’s no secret that Biden’s economic plan is nonexistent. With growing inflation and rising gas prices, Biden continues to see a downward trend in his job approval ratings. According to a new poll from NBC News, just 39% approve of Biden’s job performance; 56% disapprove.

“It’s certainly bad news for the Democratic Party, no matter how we try to spin this. As the face of the party, it’s not good for his approval ratings to be sinking at this point,” said Dr. Mark Caleb Smith from Cedarville University. “I think this is bad news for the White House and bad news for the Democrats.”

But according to Elrod, we’re all thriving?


Come on… This has to be a joke, right? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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