IRS Agent Accidentally Shoots, Kills Another Agent at Shooting Range

A tragedy occurred in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday when an IRS agent practicing at a gun range accidentally shot and killed another IRS agent.

According to a spokesperson, Patrick Bauer, 47, a retired Master Sgt. in the Arizona National Guard, was fatally wounded by an unidentified agent while at the Federal Correctional Institution Phoenix Firing Range.

Bauer was rushed to HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center, where he tragically passed away due to his injuries.

Charlotte M. Dennis, representing the Phoenix Field Office of the IRS Criminal Investigation (CI) division, expressed her condolences on Thursday: “Our thoughts are with the agent and their family during this difficult time.”

Special agents in the Phoenix FBI office are investigating the shooting, a spokesperson said.

Further details about the training exercise and the incident were not released due to the pending investigation.

“The FBI’s investigation will be methodical and thorough to address every element of the incident,” the office said in a  statement.

“Those findings will then be turned over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office (District of Arizona) for review.”

Bauer was rushed to HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center, where he tragically passed away due to his injuries.

Since receiving new funding from the Biden administration and Democrat lawmakers in 2021, the IRS has spent $10 million on firearms, ammunition, and military-style gear for use in criminal investigations and enforcement.

The IRS acquiring thousands of rounds of ammunition, rifles, shotguns, and other gear has been a source of contention for Republicans since the funding was passed and the purchases began.

This raises serious questions about why such resources are necessary for an agency that is meant to oversee the country’s taxation system. This issue has become even more pertinent in light of a recent tragic accident involving an IRS agent in Phoenix.

The Biden administration’s decision to arm IRS Criminal Investigations (CI) agents with weapons and training has been widely criticized by conservatives, who argue that the agency is granted too much power and that regular law enforcement should be used instead. Currently, the IRS has 3,000 CI field agents located across the country, such as in Phoenix where 90 agents are responsible for Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

Despite attempts by House Republicans to strip away additional funding from the agency through a bill which did not pass through a Democrat Senate nor receive approval from President Joe Biden himself – an advocate of weaponizing the agency – the decision stands.

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