Iowa Governor Says She Won’t Take in Migrant Children: ‘This is Not Our Problem; This is the President’s Problem’

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says that her state does not have room to put up migrant children Biden has invited to flood the border. More governors should do the same thing, but Biden is trying to settle as many of the new invaders inside red states as he can. Then if he can somehow manage to push through amnesty, the Democrats could turn some states blue. Border Patrol says many are being settled in very small towns and the eat up the public dollars quickly.

Kim Reynolds said:

“This is not our problem; this is the president’s problem. He is the one that opened the borders. He needs to be responsible for this, and he needs to stop it.”

Reynolds had turned down a request by the Health and Human Services department to house hundreds of these migrant children. Biden currently has over 20,000 children detained at the border where some say they go hungry and rape is said to be prevalent in the detention center as well as sex between siblings. If these accusations are true, Biden is a victimizer of children as well as an enabler for the Mexican cartels.

The Biden administration admitted that 170,000 illegal aliens were detained at the border in March with no sign of letting up. That’s the most in any month in over a decade and is 70,000 more than crossed in February. One detention center is at 729% of full capacity. Yet Biden and his henchpeople refuse to call it a crises. The lamestream press has joined them on that venture.

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From The Blaze

According to the Des Moines Register, in late March, a HHS employee reached out to Iowa’s state government with a request that the state make any of its unoccupied residential child care beds available to migrant children.

But in response, Iowa Department of Human Services Director Kelly Garcia said that “Iowa is not in a position to take unaccompanied minors at this time.”

The Register noted that Iowa Department of Human Services spokesman Matt Highland acknowledged in an email that it “is an incredibly saddening and difficult situation,” but said the decision was due to the state’s limited resources.

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Totally agree. Send them all to live with biden and Harris

ekim roberts

YES ! ! AND Pelosi, Shumer, Sheila Jackson, AOC, Talib and ALL the other Radical Libs in THIS OUT OF TOUCH Admin !


Send them to New York they will get $15600. Coumo will give it to them.

Vinny Meatballs

Send them to ur house asshole.



RockyMtn 1776

WHY are we allowing in illegal aliens at all ? Our nation is being given away piece by piece as American citizens stand by and watch ! Far to many of our elected officials in BOTH political parties were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. We re-elect most of them.
The invasion has not any Presidents except Trump and Ike who even tried to stop the illegal colonization. My guess is we have already passed the point of no return, America as we knew it is almost over never to return. Enjoy what’s left of our country it won’t be here must longer.

Brian Eargle

WHY the illegal alien invasion?

It is the mystery of iniquity, evil personified turned loose upon the earth, and especially upon the United States, where we now experience it as
with its numerous and varied eruptions, including:

Reversing quickly many of the generally accepted best government practices, which not long ago had goals that were favored regardless of political party.

Dragging the already bankrupt United States into impending insolvency by spending trillions of dollars on wasteful or unattainable programs and the Democrat wishlist. That insolvency will render the United States unable to pay fir National Defense, and too weak to protect herself, even from penniless illegal aliens and the baubles and gadgets produced by destitute Chinese and Southeast Asian laborers — even from slave labor, which the U. S. famously attempted to eradicate, spending over half a million soldiers’ lives during more than two-thirds of the 19th century. Yet the slave trade is still rampant in America, focused on the sex trade, pr0n, illicit drugs, and the debt slavery of personal, corporate, and government credit that can never be paid off, but only foreclosed upon, to the ruinous disadvantage of the debtors.

Forcing more and more socialism upon the land of opportunity and free enterprise, shutting down schools and small businesses, making millions who are out of work dependent upon extended unemployment benefits and $600 to $1400 “economic stimulus payments,” which make up 6% or 9% of federal spending bills that are over 90% pork — very fat and greasy pork fed to the benefactors of the DNC.

Inflation — debauching the currency and thus devaluing the dollar — is the one inescapable effect of government spending of trillions of dollars on products and projects, especially projects that little benefit Americans on the whole.

Making most of America’s population prisoners of fear, indoctrinated by MSM TV with the endless recitation of CCPvirus statistics and prescriptions of universal wearing of cloth masks that are worthless against Covid-19 unless the virus is attached to larger particles.

If those are not enough “WHYs” to cause the illegal alien invasion, there are several more, or perhaps many more.


Thank you! You are brilliant, and how I wish ALL TRUE AMERICANS would wake up and stand up and FIGHT! The dems have turned everyone into sheep to be hearded to slaughter. But, they need to secure all the islands surrounding American as well, to stop the Chinese invasion. It’s coming sooner than later. This all started 40 years ago. It’s RIPE.


You show how Biden and his cabal are guilty of treason and should be tried for such.


This is happening because it’s the opposite of Trumps policy, and to the hate filled left, that’s all that matters! They could care less about our country!


the democrats want all these illegals in america,,,put every illegal kid in their mansions and make them care for them out of their own pockets

Mark Gravitte

I have the answer. Let every idiot who voted for creepy joe (except the dead people of course) sponsor a migrant family. You idiots can work 3 jobs while the aliens sit on their ass eating your food and watching your TV. Karma is a bitch DemonRATS.


Send them to D.C.! They already have the barbed wire set up!

The Iceman

Finally a politician who uses her head. Send them all to Delaware and California or send them home where they belong.


Good for the governor of Iowa, and as some herein say, every red state should do the same and send them all to California, New York and DC. Let them camp on the WH lawn and on the capital grounds. Pelosi can feed them all her ice cream.

R. McCord

Reynolds had the guts to say no to dimwit demo demented Biden. Why should we pay for these kids when we did not let them in? Biden did & no one wants to deal with this.
There are no words to describe the stupidity of this situation or the fact we are stuck with
an illegal president who stole the election.

David leroy Ellis

Brainless joe and harris are responsible all the problems the are going on in our country they can’t blame President Trump no all Democrats are responsible for the B/S.

Celeste Achterhof

We should start a ‘go fund me’ to pay for bus tickets for migrants to be shipped to ‘blue’ states since Biden refuses to send them back to their homes. They want to let them in…they can take care of them. If I knew more about social media, I would do it myself but if anyone does start a fund to ship them to DC or California…please let me know. I will help arrange the tickets.


All of these invaders need to sent back to Mexico and Mexico needs to send them back to their countries of origin. And remember, Mr Biden should never be referred to as President and Mrs Harris as Vice-President. She is not a natural born citizen of the US and under Amendment 12 invalidates the abiity of the Biden/Harris team. A natural born Citizen of a country is a person born in the country of parents who are citizens of the country. And Mrs Harris may not even be a US citizen. Amendment 14 is conditional soil citizenship and she may not have qualified, especially if her parents were here on student visa.

Mark Gravitte

Now, that woman has a backbone unlike the DemonRATS who are invertebrates!


I wonder how many pregnancies will come fro the rapes and if the parents who sent their little girls on this perilous journey can sue the Biden regime for a lot of money and child abuse?


This is a site that is seriously need at this moment in time. Social media is under attack by the rich moguls in this industry. Don’t let this happen to yours.

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