Industry Secret Exposed: Why a Christian Gold Company Refuses to Offer “Free” Silver

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There’s a practice in the precious metals industry that has seen increased use over the past few years. Companies often offer thousands of dollars in “free” silver for “qualified” purchases. The reason that the vast majority of precious metals companies use this technique is because it works.

One Christian precious metals companies has never and will never engage in the practice because they believe it is disingenuous. There is nothing free about the “free” silver being offered.

“Everyone in this industry has the right to engage in whatever legal marketing practices they choose,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of . “From the beginning, we chose to never engage in the practice of promising ‘free’ silver to new customers because we know what that really means.”

Many Americans have seen ads offering “free” silver over the years, but in the last 6-months these promises have become more ubiquitous and outrageous. The older offers of $1,000 or $3,000 in “free” silver have been replaced by offers of $5,000, $10,000, or even $15,000. But is the silver being offered really free?

“Technically, the silver can be called ‘free’ because the customer is not directly charged for it, which is why the practice is legal,” Rose noted. “But the reason it’s only offered to ‘qualified’ purchases is because companies will only give the silver to those who have been charged a high enough margin on their purchase.”

In layman’s terms, many companies charge exceedingly high markups on the precious metals their customers purchase, which allows room for both the “free” silver and the high commissions paid to their affiliates. With margins that are often 100% or higher, it’s easy for these companies to offer what amounts to a 10% rebate in “free” silver for “qualified” purchases.

‘s faith-driven philosophy views ownership of physical precious metals as a form of stewardship. From a business perspective, it means the company will not follow the lucrative but dishonest marketing and sales practices of the bigger gold companies because doing so would do more harm than the good that comes with protecting wealth with precious metals.

“I believe in Jesus Christ’s principle of ‘to whom much is given, much is required,'” said David Holland, Director of Philanthropy at Genesis Gold Group. “If I have little, I trust God will provide for my essential needs as promised in His Word. However, if I have been blessed with wealth and resources by God’s grace, it is my responsibility to protect and preserve them to invest in meaningful projects that align with His kingdom’s work.”

Since the Covid pandemic began, large precious metals companies have spent massive amounts of money advertising not just “free” silver, but also fearmongering messages of imminent financial chaos. They aren’t necessarily wrong; there are clear reasons to be concerned about the economic trajectory of the nation and the world. But the less scrupulous companies often pretend like there are “new” loopholes or other gimmicks that are just coming available for Americans. In reality, very little has changed in the way the retirement industry operates even as the economy continues to exhibit signs of turmoil.

Between inflation, de-dollarization, and the ongoing push for Central Bank Digital Currencies, many Americans are eager to protect their retirement accounts from whatever is to come next. This has made physical precious metals more popular than ever, especially for backing retirement accounts.

 specializes in rollover or transfer retirement accounts. Money tied up in a 401(k), IRA, government account, or most other forms of retirement can be moved into a self-directed IRA backed by physical gold and silver, and it’s usually tax-free or tax-deferred.

The way Genesis Gold Group sees it, gold and silver offer a financial high ground for Americans to defend their life’s savings from the fiscal insanity around us.

“Precious metals like gold and silver provide a reliable way for me to safeguard my wealth through troubled economic times with His purposes in mind,” Holland said.

It behooves Americans to learn more about moving their retirement accounts into physical precious metals through . Blessings and a lifetime of hard work should not be wasted through poor decisions.




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