Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger Shunned By His Own Family Over His Vote to Impeach Trump

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Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) a.k.a. “the traitor” has offered up a letter that he claims were sent to him by close to a dozen family members eschewing him because he voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump for the second time.

Kinzinger gave the letter to the New York Times, which published it on Monday.  It speaks volumes that he offered it to the biggest Fake News newspaper on the planet.  The letter was dated Friday, January 8, and was written by Karen Otto, allegedly the Illinois lawmaker’s cousin.

“Oh my, what a disappointment you are to us and to God!  We were once so proud of your accomplishments!  Instead, you go against your Christian principals [sic] and join the ‘devil’s army,’”  the letter which was signed by ten other relatives started off.

“We thought you were ‘smart’ enough to see how the left is brainwashing so many ‘so-called good people’ including yourself and many other GOP members. You have even fallen for their socialism [sic] ideals,” she continued, calling his decisions “So, so, sad!”

I would say his family is expressing the same shock and disappointment that many of the congressman’s constituents who supported President Trump feel about his vote, not to mention the other 74 million Trump voters across the country who know that this Democrat-pushed impeachment was nothing but another sham where the Democratic Party abused our Constitutional system to attack a man they hated.

Ms. Otto then defended the former president’s reaction to his election loss, knowing he really won, writing to the congressman Kinzinger, “President Trump is not perfect, but neither are you or any of us for that matter! It is not for us to judge or be judged! But he is a Christian!”

She then continued, writing, “It is now most embarrassing to us that we are related to you.  You have embarrassed the Kinzinger family name!  We are not judging you.  This letter is our opinion of you!”

“Oh, by the way, good luck in your fundraising endeavors.  We are sure there are many other good GOP and Christian supporters,” she continued.  OUCH!

The letter hasn’t yet been authenticated as of this writing.

Kinzinger was only one of three Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump in the second sham impeachment the Democrats threw at him, where the evidence once again did not match the allegations made in the Articles of Impeachment the House Democrats presented to the US Senate.  The congressman also voted to strip Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of her committee assignments.

Trump was acquitted again in the Senate by a vote of 57-43, making him the Most Acquitted President in American History.

Kinzinger, who has been in the House for six terms so far, never liked President Trump, often criticizing him for the way he talked down to those who talked down to him, except the Kinzinger never acknowledged that latter.  However, in his defense, Kinzinger usually supported party issues that were critical to the party’s platform beliefs.

During an interview with the New York Times, Otto said she paid $7 to have the letter delivered to her cousin’s father just to make sure the congressman would see it, which was smart when you think about it.  Members of Congress must receive all kinds of correspondence that they never care to look at, but the way Otto went about it was correct because Kinzinger did publicly whine about it.

The disappointed cousin also sent copies to Republicans across Illinois as reported by the Times.

“I wanted Adam to be shunned,” she told the Times.  Maybe he will “officially” join the Democratic Party?

The Republican lawmaker said members of his family suffer from brainwashing by the conservative churches they attend.  He blames the churches for where they went wrong.  It’s always hilarious to hear a Trump hater accuse the other side of exactly what they are, in this case, brainwashed.  Think about it.  When your own family comes out against you it’s time to reflect on your actions, not time to insult them back, especially when you’re a public figure.  I mean, how does that look?

The congressman’s family members aren’t the only group to repudiate him after he voted with the radical Woke Supremacy to impeach President Trump.  Kinzinger was censured by the LaSalle County Republican Central Committee earlier in the month.  They represent his home district.

At this point, I bet his home smart devices don’t even talk to him.

Though symbolic, the censure will more-than-likely have an effect on the GOP lawmaker’s popularity in the state, especially in his district.  Politicians get elected by fundraising and if the money isn’t coming in, then his primary challenger is going to beat him.  There is a primary challenger, right?  If not, we need to see that he gets primaried like the rest of the Republican losers who joined up with crazy Democrats who impeached an innocent president for the second time.




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