Biden Is Going To Force Americans To Reduce Red Meat By 90%

Just when you thought the Democrats were done pushing their utopia control demands on freedom-loving Americans, a story comes about Democrat Joe Biden’s plan to pitch red meat from the American diet over healthy Green New Deal choices.

“Planetary Health Diet” may well be the next thing, as mad as it sounds: “Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal based foods in half”,DailyMail.UK Reported.

“How Biden’s climate plan could limit you to eat just one burger a MONTH, cost $3.5K a year per person in taxes, force you to spend $55K on an electric car and ‘crush’ American jobs

  • Joe Biden announced the goal to cut emissions by 2030, compared with 2005 levels, at the start of a two-day climate summit on Thursday
  • He vowed the plan, which would set the US on a path of a zero emissions economy by no later than 2050, would create jobs and boost economies
  • But he is yet to release any firm details on exactly how such a plan will affect the daily lives of ordinary Americans
  • It could prompt sweeping changes that could affect how Americans eat, drive and heat their homes
  • While Biden hasn’t released details, experts and recent studies have laid out what would need to change by 2030 to reach the goal”

World Health Organization Wants The United States To Move Towards a Great Food Transformation


According to

The once solid position of animal source foods (ASFs) as valuable nutrition in dietary models is no longer undisputed. This is particularly the case for red and processed meats, but increasingly also for other ASFs. The recent Planetary Health Diet, which was designed by the EAT-Lancet Commission to induce a Great Food Transformation, is a driving force of this new paradigm. Its proponents claim benefits for humansanimals, and the planet, thereby arguing for a range of hard policy interventions to move the global population towards more plant-based eating.

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Dietary guidelines often discourage ASFs

Global, national, and regional health authorities have the mission to shape the eating behavior of the public at large, by communicating their scientific opinions and recommendations via dietary guidelines. The place of ASFs within healthy and sustainable diets is increasingly under scrutiny, by proclaiming the need for a restricted intake of saturated fat from animal origin [AHA 2015NHS 2017WHO 2018] and of red meats and processed meats in particular [WHO 2015NHS 2018].

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Marsha Troyer

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Also if we don’t eat meat, what are you going to do with all the animals? They will still be here and multiple. There soon won’t be room for them all. You can’t just kill them that’s animal cruelty.

RockyMtn 1776

Biden needs the grassland these farting cattle feed on for his illegal aliens who are pouring in. Since many states are refusing to take them he has to find a place to put these future Democrat voters.
This old cowboy says votes and rigged voting machines have consequences. THIS is one of them.


Do you think for a New York second that the socialists (Democrats) will hesitate to kill 90% of the animals in their lust for power and impose socialism to control us? All using the false “science” claim that Global Warming is caused by man because of CO2 and fossil fuel emissions, of which the untied States is only 15 % responsible for the world’s total. Read the book “Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” for the FACTS!



Cathy McCollett

PETA has kill shelters for homeless animals. Should we expect less from the Democrats involved in the Green New Deal?

Vic Bailey

We ALL KNOW Biden is an IDIOT, that can’t find his way home without help. He is a TRAITOR to our country and people, that needs to be in GITMO waiting on a Firing Squad. Semper Fi.

Desert Dweller

Ph–k Buydung and the whores he rode in on!!!

mike dar

THIS.. is to create “Mal-Nourishment”. Nothing less. ‘90% reduction’ means protein has to be made up somewhere.. where? Rice. You will eat 80% of your protein from rice. What kind of countries do we see where 80% of protein uptake is rice?
In Malnourished, poor and subjugated countries.
Biden is literally saying he wishes Americans to starve,,, be subservient, be weak, Joe will not go on a Rice diet, no politician will go on a rice diet, why have a population on a rice diet?
Weak populations awaiting a bowl of rice are very…. cooperative.
Why don’t we just call it for what it is designed to do, make slaves.

Don’t be the fool your parents hoped would not happen… this has nothing to do with saving the planet, or the humans, or the animals. I guess one might say Rice is better than soylent green… but that isn’t saying much. And grass or dirt isn’t better than ‘Soylent Green’… so… will we ‘get there’ next?

Finally, something worse than, ‘A fool and his money are soon parted’, now we have, ‘A fool and his health are soon parted’!


what blithering idiots, try it I dare you, you liberal morons

Albert Grounds

The way States are refusing to go along with the idiot policies of this administration, how long will it be before they form their own union and watch the present government fall. It may be the only alternative since the Democrats and big tech worked together to steal the last election and they will do it again in 2022.

The Iceman

That’s easy for President Biden as he has had his head so far up his ass, he eats his own shit.

Vic Bailey

He ate Bama’s for 9 years. Semper Fi.


Time to put Biden and his left wing party on a diet of leave us the hell alone and worry about your own damn diet! You don’t tell us what to do about our dieting .shut the hell up!


Biden take a hike YOU brainless moron will NEVER tell me what to do, say or eat. You are NOT my President never have been never will be


Best post yet!



Vic Bailey

He is president to ALL the TRAITORS of Antifa and BLM THUGS and PUNKS, AND all the Satanic Pedophiles & Child Traffickers in this country! Semper Fi.


Piss on Biden, piss on the democrats grab them by the nose and kick them in the ass.


I will Not buy and electric car or solar and I will eat whatever I want to eat…biden is not my president, he is not even a legal president!



Bill R

Fuck Biden and all his plans, Where is Trump when you need him, this election theif needs to go pound sand!


How much longer are we going to have to deal with this insanity!?!??!?!?! He is acting as a dictator NOT a president. He is way over reaching his power or should I say ABUSING his power. I would like to see is food intake for a month.


This POS Biden is way out of line. Nobody…. NOBODY tells me what I can or cannot eat. Thats MY CHOICE. And I certainly would NEVER eat any of that plant based trash. I enjoy plenty of veggies.. and plenty of meat. And thats never going to change. And I don’t think I’m alone in my position.

Gideon Rockwell

All the while the Sock Puppet in Chief and Bath House Barry will be holding up in the White House hosting lavish banquets for Libertard Elites and serving imported wagyu beef prepared by 5 Star Micheline Chefs.


He can Kiss my Patootie! Everything he touches turns to shit.I think ranchers and Cattlemen will start a posse. This is the worst freedom stealing Job killing moron in my liifetime.

Grail Anne Harte

Impeach Biden

Last edited 17 days ago by Grail Anne Harte

This is a missteak, unless it is based on PinnochiJoe’s preference for how the hair of girls and women smell according to their diets.

Mark Gravitte

Old pervert biden can kiss my ass. He WILL NOT tell us what we can eat. Creepy joe is illegally occupying our White House. The worthless VP whore is the Harlot from Babylon. IQ-130. God help us.

Mark Gravitte

No he won’t! He can kiss my plump ass. The DemonRATS are straight out of hell. This is America, not China Beijing biden!

Johnny Ray Skelton

Joe Biden can go fu*k himself.


Try it moron you’ll have ALL Americans on you go live in your basement and be force-fed veggies that Jill will only let you have

Rachel Ann Parten

We have to get the evil idiot lying demon rats out of our white house now.


Further evidence that the imposer in chief has lost his ever loving mind. We are a nation of carnivores and that isn’t going to change. He talks like he’s going to even be alive in 2050 and this will have some effect on him personally. No you old lying bastard you won’t be, you’ll be dead and we’ll all be better off for it.

Gideon Rockwell

So but I’m a member of the East Texas Branch of P.E.T.A.. Better known as People Eating Tasty Animals. Come around here on weekends and holidays and you’ll see fragrant clouds of oak and pecan smoke from the smokers and grills around the area. And Brisket and ribs are the basic food groups.

John Lloyd Scharf

Which is more absurd, arbitrary, ambiguous, or abusive? Which is more reality oriented? Babylon Bee or the racketeer influenced corrupt criminal organization known as the Democratic Party? 

Mark Gravitte

The demented demonic idiot Beijing biden says we can have one burger a month. No. But, he can kiss my ass once a month! The burger police. What a fu**ing joke. We work and pay our way. We will eat whatever the hell we want to.

Denise Andros

You can be sure that there will be no scarcity of Prim Ribs on the Biden’s family table.


Hey Biden! Blow me! I raise my own cattle, pigs and chickens. We have a large garden. We are responsible for about 90% of our dietary needs. And our place is large enough that we dont have to buy animal feed. Over the past 5 years, we have gone to native species of corn, wheat and maze! No hybrids. I determine how much meat I eat, not you, dumbass!

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