‘I Don’t Know Whether To Call You Professor Or Comrade’: Sen Kennedy Grills Biden’s Nominee

Can someone tell me what the hell Biden was thinking when he selected Saule Omarova as his nominee to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency? The woman grew up in Soviet Russia and was a member of the young communist party. Not to mention she’s written several radical theologies like canceling privatized banking and bankrupting the oil industry to force climate change directives.

Ms. Omarova was questioned Thursday by Republican Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana about her childhood in the former Soviet Union and her resignation from a communist youth organization. She was born in Kazakhstan and graduated from Moscow State University in 1969.

Mr. Kennedy claimed at one point that the candidate joined a Marxist Facebook group in 2019 “to discuss socialist and anti-capitalist views.”

“I don’t know if I should call you ‘professor’ or ‘comrade,’ Mr. Kennedy told her.

“Senator, I am not a communist,” replied Ms. Omarova. “I do not subscribe to this ideology. I couldn’t choose where I was born. I don’t remember joining a Facebook group that adheres to this ideology. I would never knowingly join such a group. There is no trace of me actually participating in Marxist or Communist discussions of any kind. My family suffered under the communist regime.

The argument got heated when Mr. Kennedy asked about Ms. Omarova’s early years in the former Soviet Union and asked if she was a member of the “Young Communists”.

“Senator, I was born and raised in the Soviet Union,” she said. “Everyone in this country was a member of Komsomol, which was the communist youth organization because it was normal progress in school.”

Mr. Kennedy asked if she had resigned, and Ms. Omarova replied that one ceases to be a member automatically at a certain age. Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio and chairman of the committee, got angry when Mr. Kennedy asked for a letter of resignation.

“I’m not interrupting. I hardly ever cut them off, ”Brown told Kennedy.

“But you always interrupt me, Mr. President,” replied Mr. Kennedy.

As the two lawmakers clashed over Senate interruptions and protocol, Mr. Brown chided his Republican colleague, “Senator Kennedy, senatorial courtesy does not kill personality either.”

Mr. Kennedy replied, “Well, that’s your opinion, but I have the right to ask questions without you interrupting me! “

Mr. Kennedy later said that while Ms. Omarova may believe what she wants in the United States, “we can’t just let anyone be the controller of the currency.”

“In 2020 you wrote another article called ‘The Climate Case for a National Investment Authority’ where you said, ‘What we need to do for the oil and gas industry is bankrupt it by the federal government, so we can fight climate change, ”Kennedy told him.

When asked by Mr. Brown if she wanted to bankrupt the oil and gas companies, Ms. Omarova replied, “No, senator, I do not want to. It was bad wording, but was it?


Seriously, could Biden have picked a worse nominee? I think it’s pretty clear what direction this White House is trying to drag the nation. I think Omarova is just another cog in the liberal machine that’s driving us closer to becoming a socialist nation. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.