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Hunter’s Laptop Repairman Revealed Chilling ‘Warning’ He Got From The FBI

Mac Isaac is the laptop repairman who found himself in the depths of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Social media and reportedly the FBI worked to disregard the laptop story which was originally published by New York Post after Mac eventually shared the information with them. Issac gave a chilling account of the ‘warning’ he received from the FBI.

On Monday, Mac Isaac expressed optimism about the new class of Republicans who have secured a majority in the House as they plan investigations of the Biden family, the Justice Department and the FBI.

“We have the people in Congress now, they have the resources and the tools, and I’m hoping that we’re going to get some accountability,” he said.

Mac Isaac described one of his first interactions with an FBI agent as “chilling.” He said he was “overjoyed” when the agents handed him a subpoena, and he made a comment that he would change their names when he eventually wrote his book.

“That’s when Agent Mike turned around and told me that, in their experience, nothing ever happens to people that don’t talk about these things,” Mac Isaac said, noting that he did, in fact, change their names in the book.

The comment, Mac Isaac suggested, was a warning against speaking out about what was going on.

And while Mac Isaac has said that Americans should be able to go to authorities without fear of retribution, he has experienced otherwise.

“I have been dealing with retaliation from multiple fronts for the past two years when what I did was leaked to the country. I’m expecting it, and I’m going to expect it to continue,” he said.

“When people are threatened, they fight back,” Mac Isaac said.


Suddenly, now that there is a GOP majority in the House, the media is at least acknowledging the validity of the laptop. Why? Because investigations are already underway. Not just into Hunter, but ultimately into Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings and the media can’t afford to stay behind the line any longer.

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