House Impeachment Managers Destroy Their Own Argument

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The day before the phony Senate impeachment trial against now private citizen former President Donald Trump started the Senate met to hear debate on whether or not trying a man who is no longer in office for the purpose of removing him from office is not only stupid but Constitutional.

First of all, just because 100 people vote on whether something is Constitutional doesn’t mean it is or it isn’t Constitutional.  That’s like putting an applied on top of a stool and 100 people voting on if it’s an Orange.  The Constitution’s Impeachment Clause says “the president” which to people with a triple-digit IQ means the president is still in office.

The Democrat House Managers went to great pains giving their arguments for the constitutionality of trying a former president after he leaves office. They tried to convince the world that our Founding Fathers were all for going after a president after he has left office even though they literally wrote in the Impeachment Clause the remedy of impeachment for a president who has been convicted is “shall be removed from office on impeachment…”

Trump’s defense team destroyed the Democrats’ arguments pointing out the fact that there was no due process whatsoever for their client, Donald Trump.   The Democrats have been trying to act all high and mighty about how serious a crime Trump committed that he must be punished by never allowing him to hold office ever again.  If they have such a slam dunk case then how come the House didn’t hold a single impeachment hearing?  How come the House Democrats did not call a single witness?  Surely if they believe what the president did is fully understood by the American people then they would have brought evidence forward to prove their case, but they did not, and there’s a great reason for that; none exists.

The legal team also warned the country about implications for future and past presidents if they continued with going after someone who is already out of office.  The next time the Republicans take control of the House and Senate they should immediately impeach Joe Biden because he is considered an active national security threat over his ties to the Communist Chinese Party.  The GOP can then break for lunch and impeach Barack Obama for any of a multitude of impeachable offenses that hot mess committed during his eight years in office.  For example, Obama ordered the drone killing of US citizens without going to Congress and without ever even charging them with any crime.

The Democrat House impeachment managers did their level best to make it appear that Donald Trump incited the riot at the capital on January 6 and they argued that a sitting president should not be allowed to commit crimes in the last two weeks of his presidency because then he would have a “constitutional immunity” to commit any crimes he wants, and they referred to this as a “January exception.”   But where Jamie Raskin (D-MD) went wrong was immediately after he made that January Exception argument he went on to say that Donald Trump’s inclination to rile up his supporters to violence was done for the purpose of remaining in office be derailing the Certification of the Electors’ votes for the 2020 election.

Either Trump was inciting an insurrection, according to the Democrats, because he knew he had immunity while in office and wouldn’t face punishment, or he was acting in order to remain in office.  Both things cannot be true at the same time.

And Raskin didn’t provide any evidence that Trump intentionally incited the riot.  The Democrats showed plenty of video of what went on during the riot, but that isn’t evidence that Trump caused the riot any more than video footage of a house burning down is evidence that I lit it on fire while I was a hundred miles away in my own home.

So the trial will go on with a near party-line vote after six Republicans who like the Democrats don’t understand the Constitution voted that the trial was Constitutional was a signal that Trump will again be acquitted of the phony sham impeachment that the Democrats laid on him no different than the first time.

The Democrats are fighting an uphill losing battle.  There is no evidence that the president did what they have accused him of doing.  In fact, since January 6 investigations have revealed that there was a lot of pre-planning for an insurrection that went on prior to January 6, and evidence has been shown that activists were already tearing down barriers and trying to breach the Capitol building white Trump was still giving his speech.  These things just destroy the Democrat argument that the insurrection came about because of Trump’s words “march peacefully and patriotically.”  On top of that, we now know that there were left-wing activists who were posing as Trump supporters and trying to stir an insurrection.  For example, John Sullivan a known leftist activist is now looking at federal charges in connection to his involvement in the storming of the Capitol building.  He and other leftists are now known to be instigators at the Capitol that day.  There is no one dumb enough, not even Eric Swalwell (D-CA) who would believe that Sullivan and crew would be stirred to insurrection by the words President Trump spoke that day.

Today is day two of the trial and the only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not the six Republicans who voted that the trial is Constitutional – which really had no relevance at all – will vote to convict an innocent president through this banana republic style kangaroo court impeachment trial knowing full well that he is not going to be convicted.




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