House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Demands Nancy Pelosi To Take Action Against Maxine Waters For Inciting Violence in Minnesota

On Sunday night, House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) pressured House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to take action against Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) for “inciting violence” with statements she made in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, over the weekend.

McCarthy vowed if Pelosi doesn’t take action, he will take his own action against Waters for her remarks encouraging violence in Minnesota if a jury does not find former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty in his trial for the death of George Floyd.

For the degenerate progressives who might be reading this, Kevin McCarthy did not just say he believes Derek Chauvin is not guilty. He is simply trying to hold the Democrats to their own rules. This is not the first time Waters has encouraged violence.

Waters, in her remarks to reporters at a protest in Brooklyn Center where thousands have been protesting the death of Daunte Wright, emboldened people to “take to the streets” if Chauvin is found not guilty of the murder of George Floyd, one of the several charges the former Minneapolis police officer faces in his trial in Floyd’s death. The trial is, which it is believed will conclude this week.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” Waters said. “And we’re looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd, if nothing does not happen, then we know that we’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice. But I am very hopeful, and I hope we are going to get a verdict that says ‘guilty, guilty, guilty.’ If we don’t, we cannot go away.”

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The same remarks would have landed a Republican in the hot seat by Pelosi and others, so we’re going to find out how two-faced the Speaker is.

Remember, just a couple of months ago when Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News media tried to say that then-President Donald Trump incited violence when he said they were going to fight to expose massive election fraud? How is Maxine Waters saying “we’ve got to fight for justice” any different?

And let’s not kid ourselves that telling her supporters they have to “take to the streets” if Chauvin is not found guilty was a cry for going door to door to get petition signatures. She, like everyone else, knows that her words meant to rabble-rouse the community. She knew her words would agitate a group of people who are already primed and capable of violence. Just look back to the summer months for what happened in Democrat-run cities across the country.

To confirm McCarthy’s accusations, when Waters was asked what protesters (read rioters) should do if Chauvin is found not guilty of murder, she responded saying, “We’ve got to stay on the street and we’ve got to get more active. We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure they know we mean business.”

Did you hear that? “Get more confrontational” and “make sure they know we mean business.” First off, who are “they” that Waters is talking about? When she uses the word confrontational, and I don’t mean what she will say today if asked what she meant, because she’s a bald-faced liar. I mean, what can we conclude, given the totality of her statements, she meant when she said it? For that matter, what did she mean by “make sure they know we mean business.”

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As said previously, this is not the first time Waters has proposed actions that would easily turn to violence. Waters once told supporters to accost Trump administration officials and telling them they should get in their face, and form a crowd, and tell them they are not welcome.


I believe Pelosi may speak with Waters privately on the phone, but I seriously doubt she will ever take action against the California congresswoman because Democrats do not hold their own accountable for anything unless they no longer play the Democrat game.


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The problem is: Waters is not a Republican.
They still want Trump’s head on a spike.
This woman has been making comments like this (incitement to riot) for some time and nothing has happened.

RockyMtn 1776

Waters is a domestic terrorist but not enough of our elected officials care. There was a time in our history when inciting a riot was illegal but that was long ago.


And it will NEVER EVER Change as long as the DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist Party holds the Purse Strings.


And U can bet Ur last Buck that Nothing will Never Ever Happen to Old BASS MOUTH.

Paul Lamothe

Don’t wait for Pelosi to do anything, she’s as corrupt as Waters!

John Lloyd Scharf

Pelosi has been corrupt for decades since she sold a block of San Francisco to Walgreens when they want more access to government communications satellites. This is not just corruption for money. It is a criminal attempt to intimidate a jury into lynching someone at her whim.

Cathy Harper

Waters and Pelosi need to go. Oath of office means nothing to these democrat congress people.


And they want to go after Trump for saying, very clearly “patriotically and PEACEFULLY protest”.


Maxine Waters should be kicked out of Congress for her incendiary remarks…If any Republican said this, they would be impeached…


YES ! And that’s why the DEPLORABLE Democratic Socialist Party has Everything from Soup to Nuts.


Rep. McCarthy , PELOSKI aka PELOSI will not do anything Maxine BASS MOUTH Water’s. Peloski said the other day that Water’s e doing what she should be doing. She said (Peloski) that BASS MOUTH Water’s is Only speaking with her Mouth not her brain ! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


There is no room for Nasty maxie and her hate in congress she spews her distain everywhere. How can anyone be calling for unity and the repair of our nation when people like maxine, maizie, talib, omar, pelosi,aoc and the rest of those american hating congress members incite violence and hate?
Didnt dementia joe say there will be no tolerance of this sort? That anyone who did this would be fired on the spot?
Well then, send maxie in a taxi the hell out of congress and DC NOW!
Strip her of all benefits and put her in a tent the feces infested streets that she created where she belongs….🐍


Don’t worry y’all. She’ll be held accountable by God


Peeloosely, and the Demonrats holding Maxi-pad Watters accountable? I just fell off my chair laughing!

Andrew Currie

Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, & the rest of the Democrats know their constituency–which is cheering them on. All one with an IQ higher than his/her belt size need do is reflect on Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, & Kenosha last Summer. Not one of those responsible, elected politicians lost his/her office. McCarthy is merely grandstanding for his own weak-minded constituents. He had his chance to do something worthwhile–anything–during Trumps first two years in office when Republicans held the Presidency and majorities in both the House and the Senate. McCarthy just needs to shut-up! He’s a loser and needs to just disappear from the political scene. He can become a worthless lobbyist like the former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner. Please, McCarthy voters, send him the way of RINO Paul Ryan!

Mark Gravitte

Old 80 proof pelosi won’t do shit to old racist waters. Pelosi is the queen of corruption. Next.

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