Home Depot Founder Criticizes Failed Woke Bank: ‘It’s Pathetic’

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The closure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week serves as a reminder of the consequences of extreme liberal policies.

HomeDepot co-founder Bernard Marcus appeared on the March 11 edition of Fox News Cavuto Live to explain that the bank was brought down by its “woke” agenda.

“These banks are badly run because everybody is focused on diversity and all of the woke issues and not concentrating on the one thing they should, which is shareholder returns,” said Marcus. “Instead of protecting their shareholders and their employees, they’re more concerned about social policies.”

This is just a microcosm of the larger issue: the Democratic party, the Biden administration, and the liberal media have all been complicit in covering up the truth about the state of the American economy.

From the Royal Bank of Canada instituting “climate modifier” bonuses for its top executives to 19 states investigating six U.S. banks for working with the U.N. to deny credit to fossil fuel-related companies, it is clear that the Democrats are more concerned with their “woke” agenda than with protecting their citizens.

The closure of SVB should be a wake-up call for all Americans. We need to start taking a stand against the Democrats’ misguided policies and instead focus on enacting Republican policies that will actually benefit the people.

It is no secret that the Democrats have pushed their “woke” agenda at the expense of the American people.

Their policies have led to a massive increase in debt, anemic economic growth, and an unprecedented number of job losses.

This needs to stop now and the only way to do that is to vote for Republican candidates who will push back against the Democrats’ dangerous policies.


The closure of SVB is a stark reminder that the Democrats’ “woke” agenda is not only misguided, but also dangerous.

We need to start standing up for what is right and put an end to their dangerous policies. It is time to vote for Republican candidates who will put the American people first and put an end to the Democrats’ reckless policies.



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