Hollywood Clown Says Nobody ‘Believes Fetuses Are People’- Gets Schooled

I had no idea who Alex Falcone was before he dropped this brilliant tweet and to be honest, I still don’t. His IMDb profile only has three items on it and the only one I remotely recognize is the Stephen Cobert Show but supposedly he is an actor, comedian, and writer living in Hollywood.

Well, Falcone stepped in it big time when he heartlessly slammed women who have had miscarriages in an attempt to prove that fetuses aren’t babies.

His crazy tirade began, “This is a change of tone for me on here but I don’t think anybody actually believes fetuses are people. I think they’re lying. There are almost 1,000,000 miscarriages each year in America, it happens to almost everybody. But we’re not constantly getting invited to the funerals.”

In a series of separate tweets, Falcone wrote, “Nobody who says “abortion is murder” is out carrying signs that “and miscarriages are suicide.” Nobody who says a fetus is a life that god wanted to bring into the world talks about how a million times a year he just, uh, changes his mind. Nobody’s passing laws to reduce miscarriages, they’re not holding rallies, and Justice Alito gave ZERO DOLLARS of his $4 million net worth toward research on aneuploidy, which causes 60% of them.”

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He then dropped this genius tweet, “We rarely talk about miscarriages even though they happen to basically everybody you know. They’re devastating, but not because of souls. Nobody talks about how they can’t wait to be reunited with their fetus in heaven because they don’t actually believe that.”

Falcone did that which I believed was impossible nowadays—He united Twitter. The actor was hit with a hailstorm of replies from both conservatives and liberals. Because there were so many, I’ll just drop a few examples for you:

I’m not going to comment on the abortion portion of this. Because I know we won’t agree . But on the miscarriage comments , those are a bit out of line. Mainly because most of the women who have a miscarriage would probably really benefit from having funerals for those lost

We had a funeral and our families came. We love our children even if we don’t get to know them in this lifetime

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Let me point out the obvious. Ending the life of a perfectly healthy baby and a miscarriage are two separate issues and you ignorantly conflate the two. A miscarriage is the bodies way to end a process gone bad, naturally. Ending the life of a perfect baby is murder.

He later posted that he would be going back to posting about ‘raisins’. Falcone was slammed from all sides for his callous and thoughtless remarks.

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What an evil soulless fool.


It would appear that Mr. Falcone is a heartless, ignorant ass.


Another uneducated twit trying to defend murder. Yet he can’t differentiate between abortions and miscarriages. I watched what a miscarriage did to my daughter a very tough woman but it broke her. She wanted kids so bad she wanted to be a mother. It took awhile for her to pick herself up and be back to her happy self. The women who have abortions CHOOSE to murder their babies. They aren’t sad depressed suicidal and blaming themselves for what they did in like a women who has a miscarriage.it’s no wonder no one ever heard of this clown. He’s a total idiot to the word miscarriage.


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Coolmeadow Kid

I have one message for those who believe a fetus is nothing more than a clump of cells to consider…While this may vary by state, in 2004 in Texas a man killed 25 people in a church, one of who was a pregnant. The murder count was 26, not 25. So at least Texas views what you see as a ‘clump of cells’ as a human being. How many more states view it the same way??? 38 at the writing of this article in Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/why-are-fetuses-included-mass-shooting-death-tolls-705928

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