Hillary Steps Out Of Limo… Instantly We Notice What’s In Her Hand … Unreal

AFF| Hillary Clinton tells her liberal followers that she’s just like them but of course we all know that is completely absurd. Nevertheless, her sheep are brainwashed by the garbage, the lies that she spews from her foul mouth.

Ordinary Americans don’t own $2000 purses or $20,000 pantsuits for that matter lol.

Now, admittedly this isn’t a huge deal but does need to be pointed out to show what a hypocritical liar and fake that this woman is.

During a recent stop in New York to appear on the liberal trash TV show The View, Killary was spotted sporting an Alexander McQueen handbag, which is valued at a whopping $1,645 + tax!

Nice, huh?

Later, at an appearance in Brooklyn, Clinton – who is a millionaire – bashed billionaire Donald Trump for being out of touch, according to Mail Online.

Meanwhile, before her appearance at The View this week, Clinton was last seen in Manhattan last Thursday getting her hair done at luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman, where a cut and blow dry goes for $600.

$600 huh? Lady, trust me when I say you got screwed.

But she’s just like us folks! What a joke.

Clinton reportedly has her hair styled by John Barrett, who owns the John Barrett Salon in the store. She showed up in four black cars with aide Huma Abedin, according to Page Six.

She also bashed Trump during her appearance on The View, discussing everything from his feud with Megyn Kelly to her favorite television shows.

“The way he treated Megyn Kelly, who is a superb journalist. Right?” she told the hosts. “I just don’t understand what he thinks is the role of somebody who is running for president.”

Another reason to hate Megyn Kelly- Hillary likes her.

Oddly enough when she left the studio the expensive handbag was no where in sight. What an idiot.

For Clinton to try and portray herself as a struggling American is absolutely ludicrous.

Not to mention, it would be a cold day in hell that I would pay $600 for that crappy haircut. You got ripped off lady!


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That website is blocked due to phishing.

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Of course, they went from “Absolutely Broke” after leaving the WH and Stealing WH property to “Millionaires” extremely quickly using the Clinton Foundation $, where fraudulent donations from everywhere went STRAIGHT to their Pockets!


And I think it is SO fitting that their donations dropped like a rock…….


Me too, it just needed to be exposed, and the truth told.


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These are the sort of thinks those DemocRATS love to do.

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James G Violante

Holy shit, more old news. Do you so called reporters share the same stories over and over. What part of unsubscribe don’t you assholes understand???!!!


This is a new bag…….

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What part of unsubscribe don’t you understand?? Tired of your old shit news.

Fran DeLuca

Then why the heck are you reading it?? 😂

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Aelred A

The fact that she left such a bag at the studio is very suspicious; whom was she bribing? And why is she and Huma still walking around free?


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Where is her mask ?


No amount of money could make this hag look good. You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.


Maybe the hag could apply for one of these bogus online jobs pushed in the comments that these so called people are making thousands from. They are just as phony as Killary is.


This woman is delusional. Believes everyone thinks she is special. Only at deceiving people and there are a lot easily deceived. Even after being shown she is a criminal and not trusted, continues to try and make us her pal. Can’t trust her or stand her and the lies.

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