‘Highly Credible’ Source: FBI Election Interference About To Blow Wide Open

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It has been revealed that the confidential human source (CHS) behind the detailed allegations leveled against then-Vice President Joe Biden, alleging he accepted money from a foreign national to affect policy decisions, was “highly credible” and relied upon in multiple criminal investigations dating back to the Obama administration.

Fox News reported this exclusive on Friday, adding further insight into Senator Chuck Grassley’s focus on the FBI rather than the Biden family as being the primary scandal at play.

Grassley made it clear that while there are accusations present in relation to Biden, his main concern is with whether or not the FBI is doing its job.

He said during an interview last week discussing Director Christopher Wray’s refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena issued for an FD-1023 form: “We aren’t interested in whether or not the accusations against [then]-Vice President Biden are accurate. That’s what we want to know.”

His statement highlights how he believes uncovering government actors responsible for violating rule of law should be of utmost priority.

After all, America can survive certain injustices but cannot withstand a corrupt bureaucracy that obstructs justice and interferes in elections.

The whistleblower who provided information regarding FD-1023 claims that “in August 2020, FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten opened an assessment which was used by an FBI Headquarters’ team to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused investigative activity to cease.”

The whistleblower went on to allege that this same team placed this information into a restricted access sub-file accessible only by agents who discovered it in order for it not to be seen by many others.

Now knowing that CHS was highly credible adds even more weight to this accusation –– suggesting agents had reason enough believe buried accusations were true, leading us right back around full circle again to Grassley’s point.

Revealing any criminal conduct by members of the Biden family remains important but so does uncovering those individuals responsible for hindering investigations into such conduct.

Not only does this evidence suggest FBI headquarters obstructed justice, but the date of the CHS’s report indicates those responsible for misbranding the intel as disinformation sought to interfere in the 2020 election. 

When compared with FBI handling of a tip from an Australian diplomat about the Trump campaign receiving dirt on Hillary Clinton—wherein within days they began investigation—it becomes increasingly obvious bias exists within the bureau towards Democrats over Republicans.

John Durham’s special counsel report recently exposed impropriety surrounding targeting Trump’s campaign based on unverified gossip from unvetted sources.

Grassley now calls attention to improper branding evidence from “highly credible” CHS as disinformation to protect the Democrat candidate for president instead of conducting proper investigations into the truth behind claims leveled against him and his family members.

This glaring political bias present within the FBI will take time to change, considering Wray resisted the subpoena and appears poised to fight oversight committees every step of the way.

This makes it seem highly unlikely that change will be coming anytime soon without drastic pushback from people throughout the nation demanding accountability justice system supposed to protect and uphold our rights and freedoms as citizens United States of America




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