Highlights From Trump’s Wyoming Rally That You Don’t Want To Miss

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Trump was on fire at his Wyoming rally when he asked the cheering crowd, “does anyone want me to run again?”. He also took shots at Biden the continuing rise in gas and oil prices, touting the significantly lower costs during his time in office. He then said the way to “stop the war” in Ukraine is to bring down the price of oil.

“We had $1.87 per gallon gasoline, think of that. Now it’s getting closer to $9 today. That’s like three massive tax increases,” Trump said. “Energy independence and soon we were going to be energy dominant and were going to be bigger in a short period of time than Russia and Saudi Arabia combined, much bigger.”

“You want to stop the war? Drive down the price of oil,” he continued. “Drive down the price of energy. You want to stop it? Stop with the windmills that kill your birds and destroy your environment. And it [is] the most expensive energy on Earth. You want to stop the war? Drop that price down to $30-40 a barrel, that war will stop…Russia is making a fortune off of what oil is selling for.”

The former president ripped the media for criticizing him when he calls leaders, such as Chinese President Xi Jianping, “smart.”

“What the hell am I gonna say? He’s running with an iron fist 1.4 billion people, no, he’s not smart,” he said sarcastically. “If you said [Russian President Vladimir] Putin was smart you’d get excoriated, but if somebody else would have said it it would’ve been okay.”

He also targeted Cheney for supporting “endless, nonsensical, bloody wars” in Syria and currently Russia and then called her “the face of the Washington swamp.”

“Liz Cheney hates the voters of the Republican Party and she has for longer than you would know. Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values, not one who spends all of her time putting you down, going after your president in the most vicious way possible and loving endless, nonsensical, bloody, horrible wars,” he said.

“She’s the face of the Washington swamp and the same failed foreign policy of the Clintons, the Bushs, the Obamas, the Bidens, and the entire sick, political establishment,” he continued.

The former president then ripped former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for allegedly spying on him during his candidacy and in the Oval Office—A story that’s been widely ignore by the media.

“Could you imagine if a Republican got caught spying on President Biden? It wouldn’t be too exciting. Spying on Obama, spying on Clinton. Could you imagine, you’re spying on President Obama, right, you’re spying on President Obama from the outside and you get caught…We caught them spying on our campaign, we have absolute proof. It’s coming out everyday.”


Trump has not announced a 2024 run, but a lot of people are anticipating it. Many proudly display their Trump 2024 banners on their cars and at their homes. The question is, will he run? If he runs what will Democrats do? What won’t they do to stop him from ever running again?




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