Don Lemon Turns Video Of Racist Teens Into A Political Weapon

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On Thursday’s CNN This Morning, co-host Don Lemon had an opportunity to speak out against an abhorrent act of racism captured in video, but instead used the incident as a partisan opportunity to exploit it as a way to attack Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’s education policies.

I think it’s fair to say that Lemon lost it a few years ago. He’s just deranged at this point and this is just another example of how lost he is.

The video showed a group of high school girls with blurred faces (but who appear to be white) with one spray painting a second girl’s face while making mocking comments about Black History Month.

Correspondent Jean Casarez reported that two of the girls attend a Catholic school, and that several black students from the school had allegedly been sent copies of the video, although the incident did not happen on school property. She read a statement from the school suggesting that the girls had been suspended.

But instead of focusing on the racist nature of these students and raising questions about how they were raised to do such a thing, the miserable Lemon took the opportunity to lecture Governor DeSantis about the teaching of black history.

Despite the fact that Lemon had already acknowledged that the girls were high school students, he then suggested that they were in college:

“And it’s perhaps because they didn’t learn it before they got to college, and maybe they wouldn’t be exhibiting this sort of behavior if they actually knew the history of this country, right? And the true history of this country and the importance of at least reverence and attention to the black people who helped to build this country rather than making fun, spraying someone, saying, ‘Oh, it’s Black History Month!’ It’s not funny.”

It’s clear that Lemon was exploiting this incident to push a political agenda, and it’s shameful that he would use a story about racism to push a partisan message.

It’s also worth noting that Governor DeSantis did not get rid of the teaching of black history in schools, but instead imposed regulations to prevent the politicization of the subject.


It’s a tragedy that Lemon would use a story about racism as an opportunity to push a political agenda, and to suggest that if the girls had learned about black history in high school, they wouldn’t have behaved so badly. It’s stories like this that make it clear why the mainstream media has lost so much credibility in the eyes of the public.




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