Herschel Walker Pushes Back On Stacey Abrams For Saying America Needs To Apologize: ‘Only in America’

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Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker spoke with Brian Kilmeade Tuesday about Democrats’ insane rhetoric. After covering Obama’s phony tour and the problems in New York, Kilmeade addressed a comment about Georgia Dem candidate Stacey Abrams’s anti-police rhetoric.

During the debate, Gov Brian Kemp explained that he is the only candidate that has the support of the police and is the only one backed by sheriffs in Georgia. Abrams agreed that she doesn’t have the support from police who want to “take Black people off the streets”

“It is sad,” Walker said. “We have people that I’m running against that say America needs to apologize for whiteness, but you’re going to have people are going to vote for them. But only in America.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp argued during their final debate that Abrams doesn’t support law enforcement but supports defunding the police, before touting his support from 107 sheriffs across the state of Georgia.

Kemp and Abrams went back and forth over police, guns and voter suppression.

“I’m not a member of the good ol’ boys club,” Abrams responded. “So, no. I don’t have 107 sheriffs who want to be able to take Black people off the streets, who want to be able to go without accountability. I don’t believe every sheriff wants that, but I do know that we need a governor who believes in both defending law enforcement but also defending the people of Georgia.”

Walker said he believes people in other countries would not vote for government candidates who bash the country.

“I guarantee they wouldn’t have the right to say that,” he said, adding that since the U.S. is great, it grants people the right to bash the country.

“What we have to do, though, to quit trying to separate America and bring people together. And I believe in unifying. I believe in representing everyone, not representing a certain party,” he said.


Georgia’s early voting has pushed Kemp ahead of Abrams with a historical turnout. Usually, a high number of early voters generally signals good news for Democrats but Georgians are fighting the norms to keep their state from becoming another Democratic-run criminal hotspot.




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